Monday 10 February 2020

A new year...Im a bit late...

Ive started a floss tube channel!!! I uploaded no3 the other has been hectic but Ive managed to find the time to record my adventures in cross stitching. Click here for a giggle
Its funny how youtube always catch an unflattering pic for the still....

I have 50+ subscribers so there is people out there that like to hear me waffle on lol...My biggest fan is Miss Khrissys daughter Lily. Khrissy sends me pics or videos with Lily or all her kids watching me...tis so fun, thats probably way I have a lot of views lol

Ive joined an ornament stitchalong on instagram #ornamentsal2020, this is no3 for the year... Love stitchalongs..keeps me on track.

Yesterday I completed February for the Cottage of the month series by Country Cottage Needleworks. am hoping to finish these this year so it can be displayed. The series is listed on my website

Another finish yesterday was Hen and Chicks by With Thy Needle and Thread. Im hoping to finish this one as a cushion.

Havent found the mojo for patchwork and quilting as yet. I need to focus on my epps Ruby and Pollinate quilts.
Lets home I can make some time for them.

Happy Stitching