Sunday 17 November 2019

Fox Few

Lfe has been hectic as always. Hubby's mum has moved into a nursing home in Bathurst so she can be closer to him. We are in the final stages of selling her home. Im in Sydney twice this week, one for an event and another to clean the house as the movers shifted everything this week and all that is left is to hand the keys in.

I have seven appointments this week due to kids and Miss 16 and I head to Orange Hospital a week today to finally get her tonsils out. Its a been a long drawn out process.
I haven't done any sewing since Bathurst Bloggers. I did do the binding on a quilt I made at Baradine and posted it to my daughter in Perth. Her first quilt from Mummy lol. I have made the grandsons two each but me eldest daughter finally has her own quilt to snuggle with on the lounge/bed. She has been using Mstr 10's Noahs Ark quilt I made him when he was a baby. She loves that it isnt heavily quilted'.

So what have I been doing, well...we had a guest from Lightning Ridge for a week which always throws out routines. I've been to one sewing day in the last 6 weeks could be longer ..."

Most days after the night routine has been done, I sit and  cross stitch. Its mindless like English paper piecing, which I also need to get back too. Yesterday the kids had counselling so I was able to finish my last fox on Fox Few by Plum Street Samplers

I have a few scattered flowers to do then I will make it into a little dough bowl cushion. Note to self, buy a dough bowl lol. There are a few animals in this series sheep, goats, llamas, pigs, chickens and a few others but I'm going to start the one with sloths...they look soo cute hanging from their branches. Not sure when I will start those as I'm hoping to do some Christmas decorations for myself and some for presents this year. But as usual, time is running out, If you would like to check out the series you can visit my website.

And to all my friends affected by the fires, stay safe xxxxxx

Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch

Im a little excited... frog cottage designs was mentioned on The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch. I have been following Priscilla and Chelsea's flosstube on YouTube, for a few months now and they are the main reason I added cross stitch patterns and threads to my website.

I sent them a parcel of Vegemite. Tim Tams, a selection of my Lost in Play toys and a few project bags for them and one for a giveaway with a few patterns. I also offered all their subscribers  a 10% off their next purchase. The episode is  #116 and the unpack of my parcel is approximately the 34 minute mark.

This past week I finished a pattern the other day its Spooky Tree by Barbara Ana Designs...not sure how I will finish it off yet, but I have a few ideas.

Ive been working Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate this week

I wont show a pic as yet as I only spent an hour on it..will show more progress later

On Thursday Im heading to the Bathurst Bloggers meet in Perthville NSW  for 4 days of shits, giggles and lots of quilting...and maybe some alcohol lol...  I have also pulled out two quilts to work on while there and my pollinate quilt which has been neglected of late...It will be soo great to catch up with my quilty friends...

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Been a while.....

We have a new look and direction...although patchwork and quilting is still on my list of addictions...Ive added another...CROSS STITCH...
My partner in crime Miss Khrissy introduced me to FLOSS TUBE on YouTube in June....I love watching Priscilla and Chelsea of The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch...there are a few others I watch but I love their banter and of course the patterns they stitch... I spent a long time trying to find patterns and hand dyed threads  here in Australia which was limited and the postage costs from America well lets say its %$#! ... so whats a girl to do.......but add a Lost in Thread section to her website... 

I now stock Cross stitch patterns by With thy Needle and Thread, Plum Street, Little House Needleworks, Country Cottage Needleworks, Lizzie Kate and more... I also stock Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works thread....
Im expecting another order next week so hoping to increase the thread and pattern ranges.
I will still be running English Paper Piecing  #RubyTuesdayBOM and #Letspollinatethursdays on Instagram each week. The website also has a blog too which I will run separately for a bit longer.

The DIL and SIL and 3 grandkids moved into our B&B on our property and they will use it as a base whilst they travel round Australia. We have been super busy moving them in  and getting them settled, as well as saying goodbye to Miss13 foster child...:Life has been hectic!.

But I'll  leave you with a cute pattern Im working on by With thy Needle and Thread, its called Bobbing for Pumpkin...soo cute!

Happy Stitching

Saturday 6 April 2019

Friday Night with Friends

I'm  joining Cheryll for Friday Night with Friends, I haven't joined for a while and thought hmm better get back into it!!

I did my crafting throughout the day thou as I had a few appointments with time in between. So off to Miss Khrissys for a few hours of sewing where I worked on my pollinate quilt and finished two stars.

Then whilst one of the kids were being tested for tutoring I had an hour to do some knitting where I worked on my Hersbtlute shawl..only have 12 rows to go till IM finished which means it will take a LONG time hehehe...

To see what everyone else got up to  check out the FNWF link

Saturday 23 February 2019

Happy Days...

Ohh Happy Days indeed...... Ive just received my Sarah Fielke BOM 2016 back from the quilters...I kept up on this BOM and finished in time but packed it up when I lost my sewing room to DS12....Last year I found it, Natures Journey, and DD12 quilt. So I sent them to Ladybird quilting in Dubbo with my two 100 days 100 block quilts....yes a total of 5 quilts...I will have a lot of show and tell at Baradine this year!!!

I made this BOM from my French General Stash..and I just love it!
Now I will have a quilt for my bed...a first in my 15 years of this is Happy Days lol.

Next on the agenda is to bind it...not sure if I should do a scrappy binding or a faded red binding....but I am leaning towards a red binding at this stage....

The Sofala Show is on tomorrow...its been a busy week of crafting, cooking etc with the kids at school and entering all their creations.

This morning I dropped off their baking and two of my quilts. One of the 100days quilts with the Tula Pink fabrics and a Camille Roskelley of Bonnie and Camille fame quilt using Streetwater fabrics..

Only three weeks till I head off to Bali with my big girls and their families....cant wait!

Friday 8 February 2019

A new year 2019

Happy New Year...I know IM a bit late but thats my life lately...busy busy busy....

I did tell myself I need to blog more this year..but alas its now February and this is my first post of the year....

I was glad to say goodbye to 2018 and hope this year my hubby's health will settle and we can enjoy life again.... I am hanging to get back onto the water but our crusier is at home...after buying a huge trailer and permits etc she is parked near the shed and hubby has been slowly working on her giving the engine and the leg a well earned good service.....we will antifowl and also replace all the awnings, screens etc ..hoping to be on the water again in a few months...

Next week Im hoping life will get back to normal as Miss 13 will be at school ( we have a new one for a few months). Then my days will be my own again except for all the appointments etc which comes with having five kids at home lol

I have been in my sewing room twice in almost 8 weeks. I have a lot of my hand stuff in the house, that Ive prepared for the holidays in one of those Ikea hold a lot lol

Ive been working on my Pollinate quilt..and love those little "sewtites" magnetic strips. They hold my EPP work together tightly that I can sew for longer and not get cramped hands.  I bought a three pack from the states but they are now stocked in Oz at Pattchwork Plus in Tasmania.... I find one is ample for my type of work...

Im adding the last border of colour now ....then its all the low volume rows and the bees ... I have a bit prepared but will need to get out the sewing room and prep more next week...

I have prepped a few of the outer rosettes and working on them when I find the last colour border cumbersome... 

The new also saw me start a new knitting project ( a shawl) called Herbstblute which means Autumn Flowers in german... The wool is silk, alpaca and merino and its sooo soft....Its lots of pattern work and IM almost at the lace section which I just LOVE!

Last weekend my DD32 took me to an evening with Nigella Lawson at the Sydney Opera House. She bought the tickets for my birthday last year and it was a great show...I just love Nigella!

I also added another block to my Ruby BOM by Shiralee Stitches.. I have a few to catch up on...luckily when I received them each month I cut and glue them ready to pick up and stitch.

My DD34 and her hubby bought DD15 a flight to Bali  for her 16th IM heading to Bali in 5 weeks. Both my older daughters and their husbands/ and kids had already planned a trip now Mummy is going too...Im planning on lots of swimming, cocktails and reading!

Our weekly sewing group will be on Mondays this year, starting next week and Im soo looking forward to getting back into the weekly chit n chatter and sewing too lol

The annual Scrub Stitching Bush Retreat is 9 weeks away  and hubby has another hospital trip the week after I dont see our lives slowing down any time soon....