Tuesday 11 December 2018

Pollinate update

Whooosh and now its December...how did that happen!!!

Life has till been a little crazy here with Dr appointments etc but on Friday Hubby got his license back...its been a hell of doctors, specialists, tests etc and fights with the RTA but he can drive after 4 long months...and to celebrate I had a day to myself on Friday where I went to town, did some shopping and visited Miss Khrissy. I joined her in picking up her kids from school and had squeals of delight as I haven't seen her babies for a while...I think I ventured  home around 5.30pm.
Usually I'm on a tight schedule for the school pickup and the bus run etc... it was soo nice having a relaxing day......
On the sewing front, I'm still plodding along with my Pollinate quilt...am loving it and its growing quickly, but my poor thumb keeps getting stabbed here n there lol

I'm on the second last colour row...only have two more star - hexi sections to go and Ill add them to the growing quilt... I'm not sure how productive Ill be when there is limited fussy cutting with the low volume fabrics....

Id like to have this quilt finished by the end of January as I've signed up for Sarah Fielkes BOM again...its the only new quilt for next year...I just typed those words and already I'm thinking ohh DD1 needs a quilt and the boat needs some quilts lol .....but I do need to finish a few UFOs first.......hehehe