Sunday, 30 September 2018

More slow stitching...

After two nights of slow stitching....working on a blue piece this time...

I think the branch and its leaves set the whole piece... I am soo loving this style of hand stitching......I need a day trip searching vinnies for old haberdashery items, cotton, crochet lace, trims etc...I havent finished my green one yet...just looking for more the little hexi, might add some to my green piece.

Its the holidays, hubby still cant drive and sees the specialist next week, therefore holidays at home... only a few outings here n there planned...lots of time for stitching whilst the kids kayak or play along the river...yes we are lucky the Turon River borders 2kms of our property and the river is flowing again...happy days....


  1. Beautiful stitching. Good healing wishes to hubby xx

  2. I love what you are doing, such clever ideas. Glad to here hubby is getting along though I'm sure he misses not being able to drive.... Lovely to have the river to play in

  3. That's a very interesting project Deb. Love the "green" colours with the old lace... xox