Sunday, 9 September 2018

Farmers Wife 2018

As usually IM a sucker for a sewalong....this time its the Farmers Wife. I bought the book years ago when I started stashing reproduction fabrics, so this sewalong grabbed me. Its all done by epp (another excuse) which I lurve and havent been doing a lot lately. Ive done the first three blocks. The goal is 2 blocks a week. I had good intentions as this has been running for three weeks now..the first week it started my hubby got sick, so its been a slow road back to catching up. IM only 2 blocks behind now...


Each day I have been on task and sewing my 100days100blocks, sometimes even at 11pm at night when Ive forgotten BUT I have not missed a day. Today is day  64 and I have some gorgeous Tula Pink Allstar Blocks to prove it. Ive been fussy cutting where I can and am having a ball. I try to cut out all the fabric for a weeks worth of blocks and if I know Ill be busy on a certain day then I will sew the block in advance..


I need to decide on sashing, for both of these quilts....hmmm...decisions, decisions....
I am also knitting at night and have just finished a beanie for the son in law...tis soo nice when they ask you to make something for them...

I got news this morning a friend in my sewing group has a brain tumour, my hubby was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 12 months ago and had a stroke three weeks ago...give your loved ones e a hug, pick up the phone, visit them, make time for them and dont forget to always tell them you love them!!!!!!

Both of my sewalong information can be found at


  1. Deb so sorry to hear that sad news...wishing for postive outcomes for your darling hubby and friend xx
    All your projects are lovely!

  2. Oh Deb, that's a lot for you & your husband to cope with... it's amazing that you're doing any stitching at all.
    I look forward to seeing your progress with the FW SAL, it's a popular SAL for sure, your fabrics are gorgeous & I'm sure you'll make a stunning quilt. I was tempted to sign up for it, but haven't committed yet... perhaps Santa will bring me the pieces kit, LOL

  3. great sewing.... Salongs are great fun and very motivational. So sorry about the health problems there and your hubby and friend.... will be thinking of you all..

  4. Oh Deb - love your Tula Pink blocks - I would love to do them in those fabrics - but so sorry for the sad end to your blog post. Take care of those who need it.

  5. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..