Wednesday 4 April 2018

Lost in Play

Lost in Play is a business Ive started with my friend Bridgit, We create play materials, that will inspire creativity, imagination and a love of nature. We believe play and a connection with nature is essential for children's well being and development. 

Story stones have long been used in history for story telling. Their magic and charm is still as strong as ever, story stones ignite the imagination, helps encourage creativity and language.
Simply take a stone from the bag and use that picture to start telling the story, pick another stone  to add a twist, another character another obstacle or just more fun. No two stories will be the same.

Our products are open ended to allow children to create their own stories and small worlds.

Our website is . You will find us on etsy too!! Im heading to Scrub Stitching tomorrow for 4 days.....woohoo sewing!

Nothing lights up a child's brain like play
Dr Stuart Brown'


  1. Love your creations. They look fabulous. Have fun at Scrub Stitching. Hugs,xx

  2. Hope you have a great time! I hope your new business goes well.

  3. wishing you all the best... they look wonderful

  4. Good luck with your business and enjoy your weekend x