Thursday 22 February 2018

Lost in play

Not much happening here in the sewing area, but I have been playing with some handmade toys...

My kids love tic tac toe so I thought why not make them a set. Have lots of ideas eg under the sea and bugs....and I started on the bugs first

I have sourced a wooden tic tac toe board that I can paint so just waiting for that, but the bug set is finished...of course they want now I'm working on dragonflies and ladybirds...they don't take long to make which is good in this house...

Master 4 has already asked for a set for his birthday next month.. the ideas are flowing ....


  1. Go you! A great idea and so beautifully executed. I’d have no hope of painting them.

  2. those are very cute... is there no end to your talents?

  3. Very cute, what a great gift idea.

  4. Fabulous idea. They are gorgeous. Hugs,xx