Tuesday 30 January 2018

Back to sewing...

My kidlets went back to school today. The place is quiet and I'm looking forward to a routine again. I thought I would spend the morning sorting through some of my sewing as it has been neglected for a few months.

I finally finished my Sew Together bag...I only had  the tags to put on the zipper..... sigh....
but at least its done now and full of my Old Time Kaleidoscope which needs attention.

How cute is my M&M mug.. a Chrissy pressie from hubby ...

Next I tackled my "Down the Rabbit hole BOM".... and noticed I have lost a block or didn't make enough.... I have loved this BOM ... especially using brighter colours than I normally do. I'm only a few months behind and of course its the heavy applique border next...but I'll try and get it all cut out this week so I can pick it up when I can. 

Sarah Fielke 2018 BOMs are starting soon and Ill need to be ready to start one of them. I've subscribed to both quilts  (pattern only) but haven't fully decided which one I will work on yet. My goal AGAIN this year is to work on my WIP and UFOs. I just need to decide which ones I'll tackle. Ohhh dear more decisions...they are never ending!

Saturday 20 January 2018

Friday Night Sew In....

I made it! the first 'Sew In' for the year! I have made a commitment to blog more. I started early afternoon and did some of my sleeves for Miss10 in a light pale pink...tis yummmm

My poor neglected Down the Rabbit hole got some urgent attention. Id like to finish this by the end of the month...I can hear you laughing, but I have all the components cut and ready to sew except the last few borders.... 

I have signed up for both of Sarahs 2018 BOMs, but I will work on only one, not sure which one yet thou. I enjoy the process of her BOM and the social interaction via Instagram and facebook. My main priority this year is to finish all my WIPs and some UFOs. Only some as I'm sure I 'll pass a few onto friends.
Thank you to Wendy for being a lovely host. Why not check what all the ladies got up too by clicking HERE

Thursday 18 January 2018

Kids crafting....

Finding things to do in the hot weather has been hard for my kidlets. They go for an early morning bike ride to retrieve our naughty pup that likes to visit the neighbours...play the baby goat....then it's I'm Bored!!!!! We have encourage reading, colouring in with a few challenges on the wii. Miss 10 received a weaving loom for Christmas so yesterday afternoon I set it up for her and after a quick tutorial, she made her first square. 

We have threaded the loom to start another square, she is on her way to making a new purse.....sigh that lasted 30 mins lol

Tuesday 9 January 2018

A special heart...

Yes Ive been doing a little sewing ...for a little someone special that arrived on 5th Jan. Say hello to Miss Aubree

My lovely friend Miss Khrissy gave birth on her due date. Look at her sucking her thumb..soo gorgeous!!! Our sewing days will now be filled with lots of cuddles and smoochies... I cant wait!!
Heres a sneek peek of something Im working on for the little cherub, yes of course I had a WHOLE nine months to make it, but.......shhh Im sewing now hehehhehe

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.....

Monday 1 January 2018

Where has the year gone....

This year has gone by soo quickly .....I have neglected my blog....not really meaning too, it's sometime quicker just to use Instagram. But I am here now, to wish all my blogger friends a wonderful New Year, may it be filled with all things creative!

Wishing for nothing but a healthy year to my gorgeous hubby and a clean bill of health.

Ive stepped into my sewing space for the first time in weeks, I need to complete something soon, for someone very special....enjoy the holidays x

P.S some pics of our fabulous Bathurst Retreat, hoping to make it twice a year...maybe :)