Saturday 16 September 2017


This week I've been a tad naughty. I bought a few old B&C Layer Cakes and some French General Rural Jardin fat quarters on one of those bad destash pages .. I swear I have no self control. ... I also caught up with the lovely Carol from Cherry Pie Designs at the Orange Craft Alive yesterday...where more yummy fabrics were purchased...
I did NEED more pinks for my Modablockheads stitchalong but the yellows ...well they were an impulsive buy lol

I have been good trying to prep each day so I can just pick up my hand sewing at Tutoring or while at other appointments...this week Ive been concentrating on my Stonefield's quilt...and I've fallen in love all over again...

Ät Tuesday Sewing group I found this uncompleted Old Time Kaleidoscope block to work on......

I listened to the Gnome Angels podcast on Sew Modern something this morning and what came across clearly whilst she was being interviewed was to 'find your passion' and just go for it....I'm glad Ive found mine...


  1. Those destash sites are dangerous. 😁😁. Hugs, xx

  2. Agree with Jeanette - though not as dangerous as a shpr!!! you made some great purchases.

  3. Wow! You are amazing my girl! Love all your beautiful treasures x

  4. Always great to have hand work to grab on the run with kids appts etc..... All those small times add up.... Nice fabrics..... Great to see carol.....did they have some good stalls at Orange?

  5. Beautiful fabrics, I love Cherry Pie, she has great repros. Thanks for the reminder I need to get prepping for some handwork, I have run out.

  6. You are allowed to be naughty every now and then, Deb! Beautiful fabrics.

  7. Naughtiness is required, sometimes! Lovely fabrics.
    And yes there's something so wonderful about really loving a project to work on, it's so satisfying & somewhat addictive.