Sunday 16 July 2017

A new space. ...

Ohh dear... the joys of blogger... I was about to write a post about my weekend adventures and "woe is me " my last post didnt publish grrr plus I havent really been online checking I didnt notice..
This was a quick post about my new sewing space......
A few years ago I lost my sewing room to Mr10. alot was packed away and our lounge room was rearranged to cater to my "stuff"....I kept explaining ( complaining) to hubby that I cant achieve anything as everyone used my tables as a dumping ground or were jumping on my puter or changing my chairs to different heights (gas lift)...very annoying....
We do have a 2bdrm cottage not too far from our house which used to be a B&B when I bought years ago...but we use it now for family and friends when I didnt think I could be creative in that space lol

One day hubby rang me and said he had a found a caravan which had been gutted and he suggested we buy it for my new space....Hubby re did the walls, painted, laid a new floor, installed fluro lights and built me a huge work table at one end and boxed the other end for storage....
So ta da.... Im in...I couldnt wait for him to replace the windows...the caravan slat windows will be replaced by nice big windows......I moved in just before the school holidays so have only had a few hours here n there to play....the kidlets all go back to school in 2 days!! Hehehehe


  1. Hi Deb your new space sounds wonderful and what a great idea using a caravan perfect,love your pics,well done hubby xx

  2. Oh how wonderful.... Nice and handy to the house I hope so well work well........ Enjoy

  3. Totally awesome ....lucky you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Well done hubby! Enjoy your wonderful new space x

  5. So you have a little sewing pad, how very cool. Isn't it nice to put something down and it stay where you put it....

    Can't wait to see more photos

  6. so nice and so lucky to have a sewing space! I am still doing the living area sewing room... I can but dream of a space of my own!

  7. Thats just perfect for your own sewing space.... and it looks lovely... wishing you many happy creative hours in there...

  8. Great solution to your sewing room issue. I sew in the lounge room, not ideal as I am messy, but thems the breaks!