Saturday 1 April 2017

Endless Wrap

I saw the Endless Wrap on Instagram and omg I had to make it!!!  I received my bundle on Wednesday and of course started knitting. I bought the wool, needles and pattern from The Cutting Cloth in Melbourne. 

I spent Thursday at the kids Gala day so was able to watch and knit for hours. Yesterday I had Miss 13 home sick with tonsillitis so I kept her company most of the day watching movies and knitting...this was my progress so far last night...

The wool is gorgeous it's Woolstok 100% wool and I'm using the colour Gravel Road . I been suffering with a bad head cold the last few days, which is a positive for my knitting lol
I made a huge pot of mummy's mince soup yesterday  and today I have a bit of baking to do for the kidlets, and my reward will be some hand sewing this afternoon...
Hope you all have a great weekend, happy stitching...


  1. what a lovely project... hope you are feeling better... mums mince soup sounds good...

  2. Soup is the Best when you're feeling poorly Deb, I hope you're both feeling better soon.
    Lovely work on the Wrap! x

  3. I just looked on ravelry at the pattern, this is going to be fabulous, can't wait to see it finished

  4. no fun having sick kidlets - but if you can sew or knit - well that's a bonus I think.