Sunday 26 March 2017

Cute buys...

I didn't purchase very much this year at Nundle...I do have a lot of wool etc from my Sue Spargo stash....but I did buy these three gorgeous patterns by Bonnie Sullivan. Two are kits and one is just the printed background. I totally love snowmen and always have primitive snowman around the house at Christmas.

I haven't touched our project from Nundle, I have been busy with a new design for frog cottage that I've been working on for a few months...  I am working on the last 36 blocks and then I will sew the top together... 

I've been a good girl and have finished 3 quilt tops this year already ...yay me.. I took these quilts to Nundle for show and tell...


It's a west overcast day today...that means sewing for me yay !!!


  1. Beautiful finished quilts clever girl!. Have enjoyed your Nundle posts - always great reports come from there.

  2. new quilt looks interesting.........and I would like the name of the pattern etc for the one on the bottom left..........I do love all those quits you shared......

  3. Wow, you've been super productive

  4. You have been doing just lovely work this year....looking forward to your new FC reveal...

  5. Bonnie's patterns are great - I'm sure they will be quick to finish...once I get started!!

  6. Wow! 3 quilt tops!! That is an achievement, it is only March!! Love, love the snowman kits!!!