Saturday 24 December 2016

Only a few more hours....till Christmas

It's 11pm and I still have one kidlet, who is sick, no thirsty, ummm hungry, ahh not tired...and the list goes on lol
This time last week I was in Perth for a flying Christmas visit with my two grogeous grandsons and their Mummy and Daddy...we had a lovely time....

These two have grown up soo quickly... I am very lucky I get to see them every six months!!!!

My big girl just woke up...we had an early Christmas Day, so they boys went to bed early and tar dar there were presents under the tree when they woke up....My girl is fantastic cook and we enjoyed a yummy lunch... I was only there for five days and the time just flew...sniff sniff

It has been a busy year with two deaths in the family and a week at Royal Far West for one of my kidlets and a week later 10 days in Fiji and few weeks later and a flying visit to Perth...not much on the sewing front...except my trusty hand old time kaleidoscope BOM is always on hand...

Tonight I will add the border and tick off number 10.... As I don't know know how long I will be up waiting for Santa to deliver his presents so I can go to bed !!!!!,
Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!!!!!
Keep Stítching

Monday 5 December 2016

Just a few more blocks....

Just a few more blocks till I finished my Happy Days quilt...I have loved every moment of this quilt,and have signed up for next year's quilt, down the rabbit hole.... But tonight it's finishing another foundation 
Pieced block

I'm slowly running out of my precious French General stash...

I haven't been Stítching much lately as we have a friend staying and she doesn't sew!!!!! Hehehhe but we have been colouring in with the kids...had to order more colours as I didn't think I had enough choice with 24 pens lol

Tis a good motto to I'm back to what you do ❣❣❣❣❣