Saturday, 5 November 2016

New BOM for 2017

Sarah Fielkes new BOM 'Down the Rabbit Hole' for 2017 is now ready for signup. I have soo enjoyed this years Happy Days. I look forward to the last day of the month where I am sent an email with a link to my own personal video showing all the techniques for the current month.

The rabbits can be changed to two other options, more details on Sarah website.
For $5.84USD a month or $70USD for the 12 months you receive a downloadable pattern and a video link.

Sarah made 3 quilts for this years BOM, this is her black and white one, she also made one with a pink colourway and one with a blue.

My 12in blocks are the right top and bottom pics. As usual I still have a few 12in blocks to complete but have finished all the smaller blocks. The mess by the sewing machine is from two 12in foundation pieced blocks lol. Ive used my beloved Le Bouquet and Le Belle Fleur from my French General stash.
I hope to be finished by the end of November as we will be starting the borders....but alas in three days ..I am taking our little family to Plantation Island, Fiji for a glorious 10 days!!!! After waiting for a LONG time we have finally received passports for our sibling group of 3; Master 10, Miss 9 and 8 are soo excited as they have never been on a plane before...Miss 4 wont be making this trip, hopefully next time.


  1. Hi Deb omg this quilt is gorgeous I love the rabbits,I look forward to watching your progress with that my friend.
    My daughter and her family have just come back from Fiji ,have fun and how exciting for the kids xx

  2. I said to myself, no starting anything new but I might just be tempted by this one, thank you so much for the link.

  3. Ooo that BOM does look rather tempting. It will be great to see you making it. Have a wonderful trip with your family.

  4. Ondrea here again. Is there some way I can be a follower of yours without facebook?

  5. Enjoy your well deserved holiday

  6. Good for you. I looked at it too but I just have too many other projects I nEEd to finish...xox

  7. oh wow... you are always up for a challenge... looks amazing