Wednesday 6 July 2016

Pies n Tarts....

What makes us put down the needle and thread when making these quilts to just store them away.....not sure why I stopped making this quilt, when it was two tarts from being put together....

Those that know me will agree it was probably another quilt lol... 

I found using my aplisticks very useful for prying the templates from their home... I was a bit heavy handed with the glue on the first round of pies lol

I'm about to sit with the kids and watch Into the Woods ( for the hundredth time) and appliqué some tarts

So pull out an old UFO and give it some love ....


  1. the pies and charts looks very gorgeous.. and lots of work...

  2. Love that quilt. I have always wanted to make it. I think the answer is......we start a new one promising the current one we will be back soon....all lies of course lol! Glad you are finishing it as it is lovely xx Hope you enjoyed the movie!

  3. Good luck with getting it finished. It should look lovely.

  4. I don't know why it happens when we are so close to finished. Lovely to see this one out again. Sounds like a good plan for a dreary afternoon!

  5. Oh, must you challenge me..? *eyerolling* We're only crafters, you know, being tempted to try/start something new is in our nature. Fine, fine, once I get these pedicure socks off my feet, I'm going up to check the coffins.. craft drawers and see what I can find.

    You know, young lady, this is something I'd expect from Chooky - not you. Who have you been crafting with lately? Should we have a word with her mother?

    (I'm sorry, I just had to.. Your quilt in progress looks great! Hope you enjoyed the movie) :-)

  6. I totally was thinking - you found another new project to start, hence ignoring the tarts! Either way it doesnt matter, great to see you putting it together and look forward to more shots of it finished. Such lovely fabric!