Friday 11 March 2016

BOM Updates

I have been working on keeping up with my two BOMs The Splendid Sampler and Sarah Fielkes 2016. Reading everyone's blogs I noticed I missed printing block 6 of my sampler. I downloaded it but didn't print it off... need to cut out 6 and 8 today!
I have loved everyone's take on block 7 by Amy from Nanacompany... I think I will make a scrap needleturn quilt for my block.
I finished my second block for Sarahs BOM but am a bit naughty I still haven't sewn the four pieces together to make the block, Ive done that with  the splendid sampler too, hmmm gotta work on that lol...
I have all my stars from Jan cut out just not sewn together, today I might play with the borders blocks for Feb but hmmm there is a swap item that needs to be finished by Monday...

Im using my French General stash for Sarahs the third quilt Ive made from this stash....I just need French General to re release Rural Jardin ...fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. lovely blocks.... it's quite a think keeping up really isn't it? I think because we try and do lots of other things ASWELL!!!