Monday 1 February 2016

Time to get serious

Ok,maybe not lol....I do need to complete my Natures Journey now that I've found my missing borders (attached to the centre block...

But, these little hexagons keep calling me, so I've been distracted today trying to complete a few small hexagon projects...


I'm determined to get lots finished this year, yep determined....Ohhh stop laughing!  lol


  1. You're doing great so far. Love the hexies.

  2. Loving the hexies and your natures journey is gorgeous. Hope you keep up the momentum. Definitely not laughing, cheering you on

  3. I believe you Deb. You sound VERY determined. I see you've joined OPAM, that's a good start. That makes me think of at least one project to aim for each month.

  4. Oh you have no faith in yourself Deb - of course you'll get so much done this year! (unlike me)