Sunday 13 December 2015

A lovely surprise......but not for me :)

Thursday night I flew into Perth with daughter No2 to surprise daughter no1 and my two grandsons.....My gorgeous SIL kept the secret for 6 weeks....Daughter no1 took over an hour to stop saying, can't believe your here....very surreal .... Heheheheh was  lovely to see their surprised faces....
The last few days have been a blur but Mr6 took Nanna on the Kracken.....Australia's biggest (wildest) water slide.... And Nanna went down backwards a hahahaha....was exciting and terrifying at the same time......roller coasters, carols by candlelight, markets, and playing halo on the having a wonderful time, one more day then I will have to make the trek home.....miss my babies at home but being with my two big babies was just what this Mummy needed......lots of pics....sorry ...oops and no sewing although I bought it with me....

See that blue and green cone on the right, that's part of the Kracken ride, we shot into the HUGE cone....argghhhh backwards lol

Mr 6, Mr 4 and DD28 playing dress ups ..... Actually wrestling on the trampoline 

DD28 me DD 30 and SIL

My beautiful babies

Early morning wake up .... We all have bags under our eyes lol

Scrumptious desserts, dinners, brekkies...DD 30 sure knows his to look after us yum yum yum....this pic is a strawberry and apple crumble in the making......


  1. What a wonderful surprise for you daughter and her family. So cool to surprise them like that and had such a wonderful time.

  2. How wonderful to surprise your daughter and grandsons. Sounds like you had a great time, Deb.

  3. Isn't that THE perfect start to the Christmas festive season... sharing time with family.
    Merry Christmas Deb.. Ho Ho Ho

  4. Daughter No 1's MIL kept it quiet to haha ;-)

  5. Fantastic surprise....looks like you are having a super time together x

  6. What a wonderful surprise, exactly what Christmas should be!

  7. See pleased you had a great time with your girls and family in our great state.