Saturday 26 December 2015

My SSCS to Laila

A big thank you to Chooky and her helper Janice for all the hard work that goes into setting up a swap of this size. My partner was Laila from Norway and she has opened her pressies so I can show you what I sent to her.

We are going to my Mums today for our family Christmas.....excited....hope your all enjoying your Christmas break....

Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas.....and Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful bloggy friends. May you all have a fantastic day and if your travelling, please stay safe xxxx

Who doesn't love secret santas!!!! My pressie arrived a few weeks ago and I had to hide it so I was not tempted to open it early....My gift was from Diane from the UK...I have been totally spoiled !!! thank you Diane for my wonderful gifts!!!!!!

I will post what I sent to my partner as soon as she blogs....Enjoy your day!!!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Almost Christmas

I have recovered from my trip to Perth and the start of the school holidays....I finished some last minute Chrissy presents and have received some yummy mail.....
I picked up Annis Downs new book, 'Story of my day', Sarah Fielkes new book 'Old quilts new Life' and a non quilting book....I quit Sugar....I think I have another Sarah Millers book coming....just a few pressies I bought myself ......

Not much has been happening on the sewing front but hopefully I will get a few hours here n there to do some hand sewing....lots of Stonefields blocks to do...and....and....and .....the list is never ending.....My Chrissy swaps have arrived at their destination and my partner still has no idea .....gotta love Christmas swaps....only two more days...excited!!!!!

Sunday 13 December 2015

A lovely surprise......but not for me :)

Thursday night I flew into Perth with daughter No2 to surprise daughter no1 and my two grandsons.....My gorgeous SIL kept the secret for 6 weeks....Daughter no1 took over an hour to stop saying, can't believe your here....very surreal .... Heheheheh was  lovely to see their surprised faces....
The last few days have been a blur but Mr6 took Nanna on the Kracken.....Australia's biggest (wildest) water slide.... And Nanna went down backwards a hahahaha....was exciting and terrifying at the same time......roller coasters, carols by candlelight, markets, and playing halo on the having a wonderful time, one more day then I will have to make the trek home.....miss my babies at home but being with my two big babies was just what this Mummy needed......lots of pics....sorry ...oops and no sewing although I bought it with me....

See that blue and green cone on the right, that's part of the Kracken ride, we shot into the HUGE cone....argghhhh backwards lol

Mr 6, Mr 4 and DD28 playing dress ups ..... Actually wrestling on the trampoline 

DD28 me DD 30 and SIL

My beautiful babies

Early morning wake up .... We all have bags under our eyes lol

Scrumptious desserts, dinners, brekkies...DD 30 sure knows his to look after us yum yum yum....this pic is a strawberry and apple crumble in the making......

Sunday 6 December 2015

Stonefields quilt update

A great sunny day to sew, the kids have been swimming in the river and now swimming in the pool at home...a nice relaxing day.... Great to catch up on some handsewing...the blocks need an iron... Did I say it was hot is ironing lol

Friday 4 December 2015

SSCS received

Chrissy is soo close...I received my SSCS decoration today for my tree ...

My other pressie is under the tree waiting .......not long now...woohoo....who doesn't love Christmas.
thanks to Chooky for organising another great Secret Santa Christmas Swap....and Thank you to Diane for making my gifts.......that's all I know ...Diane from the UK...isn't it exciting !!!!

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Up up and away....

Its been a busy week ... and my secret sewing is now on its way to.........

Although my swaps are now completed I still have a few more secret items to complete before Christmas but Im sure I can sneak in a few pics. Ive been working on No2 daughters quilt, as Ive been shamed by the hashtag #stillnotmyquilt on most of my instagram and facebook sewing pics lol will post some pics soon.

Thursday 26 November 2015

Almost there....

Ive been working on the final finishes for my Secret Santa Christmas swap goodies....these are heading tis a secret lol

Love opening these swap pressies on Christmas Day...and seeing all the pics. Big thanks to chooky for organising this one :)

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Saturday 21 November 2015

FNSI results...

I didn't get much sewing done as we had family arrive for the weekend, but I did trim and finish my first block of a new quilt... the block measures 24.5"  just need to sew the four pieces together...tis huge but only have to make 16...its my priority after I finish all my secret sewing which will hopefully be this week...the brief was black, white, gray and purple...

Miss 12 was in the local paper this week with my Mummy. Very proud....

Thank you to Wendy for hosting Friday Night Sew In!! click HERE to see all the posts.

Friday 20 November 2015

Why not join in...

Its that time of the month again...Friday Night Sew In...if you would like to join us for a virtual sewing night, sign up HERE.

Sniff Sniff I haven't been able to hand sew the last few days .. I cut my pointy finger badly on a can of dog food grrr... It even hurts to hold a pencil sigh...but I will be madly sewing tonight on the machine as I have a few secret items that need to completed. My daughter, SIL and their best mates are visiting this weekend for the annual Sofala Carp, family and hand sewing ( fingers crossed) ...a perfect weekend.

Happy Stitching

Saturday 14 November 2015

A busy week

I was busy finishing off some secret sewing this week and started something new. ...
Always nice when something you pictured turns out....
Love my new sandpaper board...the other one wore out lol

Friday 6 November 2015

And it continues....

Had a lovely sewing day yesterday, where I worked on preparing and sewing more of my Stonefields quilt!

Happy Stitching

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Hand piecing....

Its  just started to rain.....and I think I have found my new addiction...hand piecing lol
Happy Stitching.....

Thursday 29 October 2015

Secret sewing

We all love secret sewing...tis that time of year..... enjoy what you do!!

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Cold rainy day....inspiration

Nothing like a cold wet day to offer inspiration when needed. ...busily prepping a new design....
Happy Stitching.... 

Saturday 24 October 2015

Peaceful weekend

After a busy week cutting FQS BOM2012 blocks, stonefield prep and a birthday now cruising the harbour kidlet free for the weekend...bliss

Saturday 17 October 2015

FNSI results

Thanks again Wendy for hosting our virtually FNSI. ...
I had a busy day yesterday...I made my girls some dresses...and I have four cut out for next weeks sewing day.

This is week I have been unpicking my NJ stitchalong as I didn't like my peeper borders when I started attaching the final borders....trimmed all my pies n tarts blocks...can start to piece this quilt together not now but its added to the list....
And I have prepared some secret sewing but last night I was stitching my Gossip in the Garden blocks....being good try to finish some ufos...
Hope you all have had a busy week too... 

Sunday 11 October 2015

An old UFO ...pies n tarts...

I find weekends hard to do any machine sewing without the girls wanting to help lol.... And with most of my stitcheries up to date...I need to find something to sew without starting something new...tar dar....I found my pies n tarts...the kids are happy if I can do something portable...they are soo fussy lol....I only have a few tarts to go and I can start putting this mammoth project together...oops I mean add to the list of quilts to be put together ....

Need to satisfy that urge to sew... finding inspiration where I can lol

Thursday 8 October 2015

Getting closer....

Ready to sew the needleturn borders on...a little closer each day...

Wednesday 7 October 2015


I am clearing a few bolts and precuts, if you would like to purchase any, please leave a comment or email me
Fabric will be sold in 0.25cm increments by width of fabric.
Prices do not include postage.
Payment is via Direct Deposit or Paypal.

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Petite Odile scattered alphabet, faded denim

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Petite Odile scattered flowers with border, dark denim

  $12 per metre    ( 7 metres available)
Petite Odile scattered flowers with border, stone

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Collection for a Cause Friendship, red flowers

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1060_25, grape stripe

 $12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1060_35, rust stripe

 $12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1061_25, grape stars

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1063_31, treeware

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1062_37, pine

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1061_15, time worn stars

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1061_16, raven stars

$12 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Seasonal Little Gathering 1065_17, tan burgundy birds

$14 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Snowman Gathering 1087_25, time worn snowball plaid

$14 per metre ( 7 metres available)
Snowman Gathering 1080_17, time worn snow friends

$40 per roll (2 available)

Snowman Gathering 1080DR dessert roll. This assortment includes 20 of 5'' x 44'' strips from the Flats collection rolled into a jelly roll and tied with a cute Moda ribbon. The colour palette includes tan, navy, warm blue, paper bag brown and tallow ivory.
$14 per metre (7 metres available)
Midwinter Reds M14764_15 cream cameo buds
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Midwinter Reds M14763_11 red hearted vine
$40 per layer cake ( 2 available)
Midwinter Reds 14760LC layer cake
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Floral Gathering Shirting 1101 LC layer cake
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If you have any questions, please email me