Friday, 1 August 2014

Three Birthdays in three days...........

Happy  birthday to my gorgeous daughter Taryn who is 28 today!!I. 

Zac who was 8 yesterday and my grandson Lachlan who is 3 tomorrow!!!!! I've been slack with blogging and sewing...but I have an excuse ....LIFE... It gets in the way...I have been busy with the kids and the school. ...hopefully things will settle soon.....


  1. Happy Birthday to your great family. Lovely pics.

  2. Lots of happy birthdays... miss you on theblog but as you say life happens and you need to enjoy as much as you can... the children grow so fast...

  3. Yes life does happen when you have a family, but we wouldn't want it any other way.

    1. What a wonderful family Deb... Happy happy happy birthday!

  4. so many birthdays for one day...........

  5. Happy birthday to them all. A great excuse for more cake!

  6. Happy birthday to them all. Three birthday means cakes and just cakes.

    Lovely Rory Beca Sevona Maxi Gown

  7. happy birthday to everyone,gee your lovely daughter looks so much like you,i am sorry i have missed this post somehow,i hope youare all well,and i hope you have a wonderful day Deb.xx

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