Sunday 8 September 2013

A nice afternoon

Look who I spent Saturday arvo with!!! The lovely Michelle Ridgeway. Khrissy and I met Michelle at a new coffee shop in Bathurst, Sweet Caramel...yes we needed a sweet shot lol

We had a great afternoon and like all bloggy friends; we chatted for hours!!!

Check out the fluffy sheep behind us and the fluffy alpacas by the doors....very chic lol
Michelle and I often have projects in the same issues of Creating Country Threads. A fellow designer whom I have admired from afar. We share a love of hand stitching, family, grandbabies, fabric and we both can talk for hours lol Thank you ladies for a delightful afternoon!!!!


  1. aaarrhh...that's where you were when i called you in the arvo............nice to catch up...........think i have a date for BBM.......

  2. Perfect spot for a blogger catch up.....looks like a great afternoon.

  3. Great to catch up with you Deb and so nice to meet Khrissy too. Hubby was very jealous of our cake. Lol

  4. what fun... I thought I could hear nattering and giggling over this way.....

  5. That would have been an awesome afternoon. Lucky girls

  6. Nice cake!...I'll let you know when I'm coming through Bathurst again!! Xx