Wednesday 31 July 2013

Another Birthday.....

Another birthday in our house, today Zac turned 7!!!! He desperately wanted to have one present when he woke and the other after school.....

Second cake baked...tick (one went to school this morning, joys of a small school, one cake feeds all the kids). Second present tested this morning...hehehehe I had to make sure the Playstation worked before wrapping everything up. I even bought a few games on eBay this morning and a second memory card (for me!!!). Balloons blown up, lollies tested...all systems go for his party.

Yesterday I finished my July nine patches commitment...yay last day too! 

And finished the panels for my SKOW bag, and I even got a bi of the stitching done too....this is turning out to be a productive week! 

And, yes another, Im off for a sewing day with Miss Khrissy tomorrow....sooo excited!!!! 

Happy Stitching!!!!

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Getting organised...

Chores done, lamb in the slow cooker...tis time to get busy!!! Hopefully I will be able to sew the sides of this gorgeous bag today, and do the stitcheries tonight....fingers crossed...

Saturday 27 July 2013

A cute bag...

I've just finished my stitchalong item for July, Natalie Birds Tis the Season bag. I decided to not make mine with a Christmas theme and chose fabrics from my stash. I needle turned a cute house and stitched a little tree.....I also found a little bird button, too cute!

Its a nice bag, the good thing about this stitchalong is that Im making projects I wouldn't have otherwise...thanks Chooky!

and heres my Christmas in July items I sent to Lyn ( no blog). Another great swap, thank you Cheryll!!

Thursday 25 July 2013

Its the 25th.....Ive opened my pressies!!!

I almost forgot to open my Christmas In July Swap presents today! Just remembered and what a surprise!!!!!! The excitement leading up to this swap was exactly like Christmas! I didn't open my parcel and put it up high like another blogger ( hello Anorina!) so I didn't sneak a peek!
Look at what I received!!!!!!

I am totally in awe of the beautiful cross stitching gifts Ive received!

Such beautiful small stitches.. 

A cute Christmas ornament and a kissing mistletoe!!!!! How cute!!!! Unfortunately my gifts were signed, Santas little I am unable to thank my partner personally for my gorgeous Chrissy gifts. So if you are Santas Little Helper, who lives in Guildford Western Australia. I want to send you a big QUILTY hug and a HUGE thank you  for making my day!!!
And thank you to Cheryll for organising such a great SWAP!!!! Big hug to you too, ohh and a large glass of wine for all your hard work hehehehehhe

Tuesday 23 July 2013


Tis cold today, nothing better than preparing some stitching to sit near the fire. I'm working on a needle turn stitchery for my SAL bag. Love the buttons I found I my stash!!!! Fingers crossed I can needle turn the little house before the kidlets finish school!

Only two more days to open our Xmas in July pressies!!! I'm excited!!!!

Monday 22 July 2013

Only 3 more days till we open pressies

I received my Christmas in July presents on Friday, can't wait to read everyone's blogs on Thursday to see what we all received! Not sure about this waiting until 25th to open them lol....Im definitely signing up for Christmas in July again next's my presents packed before sending to my partner....wonder if you have received them yet!!!!!!


Saturday 20 July 2013

Friday Night Sew In

Last night I joined over 50 lovely ladies in a virtual sew in! I cut out all the fabric and finished the hexagon panel for my July Stitchalong project. Im not making mine a Xmas theme. I'm using all my Lynette Anderson fabric....yummy!


I always enjoy the English paper piecing, I must have been a quilter in a previous life, as I do enjoy all the hand work. if you would like to see everyones sewing adventures from last night or get information to join us next time Click here

Friday 19 July 2013

A great day out!!

I had a lovely day sewing with some girlfriends yesterday!!, Just what the doctor ordered lol...and with all the chatting I was productive!!! I'm working on Julys stitchalong project.


Look what Miss E is stitching, just love the EPP stars!!!!


See you tonight for Friday night Sew in!!!!

Thursday 18 July 2013

Im off to a sewing day!!!!

Again not a lot happening here, but today Im going to a sewing day with a few girlfriends!!!!! Wooohoooo excited, am missing the social aspect of sewing days **sigh**. Hopefully Ill have some stitching to post tonight....And don't forget Friday Night Sew In tomorrow night, Ill be there!!! Sign Up HERE if you would like to join in.

I thought I would show you a favourite pic taken in the holidays of Miss 10 and the kidlets...Enjoy your day!!!

Monday 15 July 2013

A bit of this...a bit of that...

We have had a belated birthday with Nanna....

We have visited the dentist.....

a bit of sewing...

And a visit to Kate (Show and Tell) in Orange to support her latest's not sewing!!!!!

School  is back tomorrow and Im all for some routine again!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

A winters lunch...

Has been a cold few days here and we have been very busy with the kids...there has been no time for sewing for a little while now, and I don't see any time until the weekend. Mum visited today, we took her to look at a property 15mins from our house! With mummy visiting means yummy food, for lunch I made a hearty veggie soup....

And for dinner tonight an easy chicken curry...minutes to prepare and 45mins to cook. The fire is roaring, the kids are settled (shhhhh don't disturb them lol) and while the curry is simmering away the house smells sooo yummy.....

I should pick up a needle and threads but need to catch up on all your blogs! Hope your are having a great school holiday or in the case of other states, you are now enjoying some quiet time!
Happy Stitching!!!!



Saturday 6 July 2013

Friday Night with Friends.......

Last night I finished stitching another Xmas in July swap item......this morning I framed it...with no instructions lol...and what did I notice........the year 2012.... Sigh....this is what happens with preprinted stitcheries...arghhh ...what's a girl to do!!! Thinking I need to whip something else up???? Help!!

Thanks again to Cheryl for hosting Friday Night with friends, nice to know we are not alone in our stitching adventures!!!

Friday 5 July 2013

The things that make you go grrrrrr

I've been working on and off for three days on my Nine patch swap blocks...finally finished, ironed in between phone calls, kids screaming (playing hide n seek) and I sighed a big relief as I've completed something! Finally!!!!
I always measure to ensure all the blocks are accurate and what do I see a 1/4" difference on one side. The middle strip centre square was cut @ 2 1/4" instead off 2 1/2"......... What's a girl to do???????  Turn off the iron, sewing machine, and the light and casually walk out of the sewing room and make a cuppa. 
Might put on The Big Bang Theory and have a giggle or two while I do some Chrissy stitching....and tonight I will put on a well watched movie and sit and unpick all 16 blocks.....yes I will unpick and recut and sew new centre squares... Don't tick me off yet Trish lol.......cest la vie....


Thursday 4 July 2013

On the home stretch....

On the home stretch.......nearly finished....not a lot of stitching at the moment! But we did take the kids to see Despicable Me 2, a great movie....not just for kids!!!!


Tuesday 2 July 2013

Who doesn't love a reindeer?

Finished another stitchery yesterday, another one to do.....I see some of the Christmas In July pressies are already arriving....better get a move on! Enjoy your day whatever you are doing!