Sunday, 24 March 2013

GDITC Nundle 2013

What a gorgeous gorgeous weekend!!!!! Girls Day in the Country, Nundle is now over for another year…sigh….

Its sooo lovely to be able to spend a weekend with all my blogger friends!. Sue Daley was the guest tutor for the second year and we all had a great time. The weekend always starts early Friday morning getting up before sunrise, packing the car and bidding the family goodbye for a few days. We meet for Lunch at the Nundle Pub  and then the weekend begins and ends Sunday morning after brekkie when we all trek home…I have lots of pics, so be warned!!!


Kate and Chookyblue on the lawn enjoying nibbles…hehehe …caught em with a mouthful!


Lynda, Dale, Peg and Kylie…yes the real Peg and Dale!



Dzintra, Dawnie, myself and Susan waiting enjoying a nice wine before dinner at Mount Misery cafe on Saturday night.



Cheryl, Kylie,Fiona, Alison, Janice and Miss Jules


Alison, Chris, Jenny, Sandy, Jenny and Lea. It was lovely to meet Cheryl, Sonia, Alison and Dzintra our 2013 Nundle virgins lol

Its been a long trek home and I couldnt help but take this pic of Kate waiting for her next lift from Sofala. More pics tomorrow of our adventures from Saturday and Sunday.

kate hike

A car did stop and came to her rescue, thanks Little Chicken!!


  1. Great photos of an awesome weekend Deb. So nice to catch up again. I'm sure there are plenty of funny stories soon to be shared. Loved the girls with their mouths full :)

  2. i also love the pic with the girls with their mouths full,lol.
    Great pics Deb ,thankyou for sharing.xx

  3. Looks like you all had a lovely weekend !!!

  4. Great photos was the best weekend..and how cute is our Kate....

  5. Thanks for a great weekend. So many great pics. That Kate is so funny.

  6. It certainly was a top weekend. It was great to catch up with everyone - just wish it wasn't over so quickly.

  7. Lovely pics, sounds like you all had a great weekend. hugs

  8. Glad you had a great time.. it has been fun reading about it on different blogs and then picking up who is who in the pictures...

  9. That Kate is such a crack-up!...I bet it was a fun car wonder you kicked her out at Sofala! LOL...Little Chicken would have got all the goss ..(I wonder if she bought Mat Terial with her?)
    Lovely to see you again. Xx Lea

  10. HI was great catching up with you on the weekend..I had a great time!! Nice pic of!! xo Suze.

  11. What a great weekend. Glad you had so much fun.

  12. Hi Deb...great pics...I had the best time and looking forward to it all over again next year!

  13. Top pics, and the one of Kate, so apt!

  14. well from reading the comments I'll have to rethink who my "friends" are..........that pic of Kate and I is terrible.....naughty naughty Deb..........

    why does it have to go so the pic of Kate in Sofala........