Friday 15 February 2013

A nice surprise

Look what I picked up today.....An extension table for my sewing machine...woohoo, I had forgotten I ordered it till the shop rang to say "it's here"......not much of a pic ..sorry lol

I sewed the strips for my nine patch swap...but haven't cut them yet....hopefully will get to it on Sunday as we are off to Oberon tomorrow to visit my Mum....

I'm still waiting patiently for my heart swap pressie sniff sniff ... Tis the joy of swaps I guess lol

Have a great weekend ladies x



  1. its so fun when you forget an order and it arrives... enjoy the extension ...

  2. Just like a surprise gift to yourself. Enjoy your day out tomorrow.

  3. Nice table! There'll be no stopping you now!!

  4. You will love your extension table....enjoy your visit with your Mum..

  5. Looking good, if you forgot you ordered it, does that mean you didn't have to pay for it?? LOL

  6. What a great surprise. If you find it moves around a bit too much put some of that non slip matting under it, works a treat. hugs