Friday 25 January 2013

Im back…..

The Holidays over….Its time to get back to work…I had a wonderful time with my daughters ( DD28, DD26 and DD9) and grandsons in Perth. They have grown sooo much in the last few months…

lachlan 13

As for sewing, it has been non existent in the last few weeks. I’ve sewed three diamonds together in 10 days lol.  But now IM on a mission….theres a swap, Chookyblues SAL and a magazine project that all need to be completed within a week…

new proj

And there is less than 60 days till GDITC in Nundle…….Woohoo bring it all on!!!


  1. such special times with your grandies.. memories for everyong... have fun back with the stitching... it's great therapy for missing the littlies....

  2. welcome back. Great to hear that you had a lovely time. hugs

  3. what a cutie deb,good to have you back and good luck with your projects.xx

  4. Oh he's a cutie Deb. good to hear your back, and ready to get into sewing again.

  5. Welcome back ..what a cute little guy..he's just gorgeous!
    get into that stitching....Chooky is on to us,...cracking that whip!
    Xx Lea

  6. Good luck getting all those things fine in a week!

  7. Glad you are back to real life again :)
    Now back to work for sure xx