Tuesday 8 January 2013

Am I here???

I am using Windows Live Writer to write my post today as I am still unable to upload any pics from my pc.
So here goes, Ive been working on my Pies and Tarts and Lancaster quilt….

more hexis

I am a little behind the other girls with my Lancaster quilt. I ironed the seams using a spray starch and took out my papers as I needed more to complete the borders… and never got around to buying more….this way I dont have 100’s of paper pieces in all different shapes.

lancaster bord 1

I prepared my triangles n diamonds for my plane trip to Perth on Friday to see DD28 and my grandsons for 10 days yayayay!!!!!!!! Im soo excited as I am travelling with DD26 and DD9. Will be nice to spend quality time with my three girls!

Might use Windows Live Writer more often…sooo easy!


  1. Both beautiful. How wonderful for you. Have a super time over there.

  2. Your post is showing up perfectly and that's exactly what both your projects are - perfect

  3. lovely projects there Deb,well done.xx

  4. Great progress and have a wonderful time with your girls. hugs

  5. I love both of these projects, and seeing the progress you're making. Have a great trip.

  6. I'm having trouble uploading photos as well - very frustrating! Your projects look great - love your Lancaster. Enjoy your time away.

  7. lovely projects... how awesome to be going off to play in Perth... have loooooaaaaadddss of fun...

  8. Wonderful projects!
    We visited Perth for New Year - and it was great!


  9. Wow you are very productive. Great job