Friday, 28 December 2012

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Now Christmas has past by a few days I thought I would show you what I sent to my partner in Norway.

A Chrissy ornament by Country Keepsakes, a hanging heart by Rosalie Quinlan and a notions roll by Figtree designs.

I added a few DMC threads to the notions roll to get it started. Thank you Chookyblue for a wonderful swap, I love the anticipation of waiting for the pressies to arrive and being good not opening them before Christmas ( tis a challenge lol). I will post the pressies I received tomorrow.


  1. Love the ornament, both beautifully stitched. It is an exciting swap, and so much fun to open on Christmas Day.

  2. what a lovely parcel you sent...

  3. beautiful gifts sent to Norway, Deb... love the birdie heart. x

  4. Absolutely beautiful Deb..... Strawberry Fields is such a pretty range of fabric...... and your stitching is so perfect.

  5. i've made a coupld of those rolls.........lovely ornaments.....looking forward to seeing what you received.........thanks for being part of the SSCS 2012...