Saturday, 15 December 2012

Build your best log ebook

The first quilt I ever made was a log cabin. I think most new quilters find the log cabin one of the easiest blocks to make. Unfortunately my mother "borrowed" my quilt as she was selling her house and almost 10 years later; my quilt still adorns her bed !

I was given an opportunity by "Fons and Porter" to review their latest ebook "Build your Best Log Cabin". This ebook is in a pdf format which contains 24 pages of diagrams,step by step instructions and pictures to help you create one of three  most popular log cabin styles; Traditional, Chevron and Courthouse Steps.

Using a variety of strip widths and block sizes charts within the ebook, allows you to "adapt" any pattern in the book to create your very own log cabin quilt.

This book is great for first time quilters, or a great reference for medium toadvanced quilters. There is also a few tutorials "Bump free binding" and "Bobbin work with Trapunto" to compliment your work. And best of all this ebook is FREE.

Fons and Porter produce one of Americas favourite quilting magazines, " The love of Quilting" Check out their site for online quilting classes, free ebooks, quilt book reviews, and free patterns.


  1. Thanks so much Deb...I will have a look at this as I want to make a Log Cabin quilt for my Son... xo

  2. A log cabin has been on the to-do-list for a while...thanks for heads up on the E book.

  3. I have this ebook and it looks great. LoVe log cabins... must put it on my "TO DO" list for 2013.
    Merry Christmas Deb :)

  4. Thanks for the tip, it looks great. I've never made a log cabin quilt :)