Friday, 14 September 2012

Hexagon Mad!!

Im being overrun by Hexagons helpppppp..... No actually all good. I have been a little slack posting my Inchy hexagons each month....when these two lovely hexis arrived yesterday so I thought Id better do a post...
I received these lovely hexagons from Shannon in Idaho US. Thanks Shannon

I sent these to Irene in the US in July

And I sent these in August to Janelle in Queensland

Im currently joining on the last two flowers of my vignette hexagon quilt this morning yay... I have added an extra 40 flowers to the quilt so far and it still needs to be bigger, to fit on a queen size bed...sniff sniff... I dont have enough material to make any more rows, so i will add a thick white border and applique some  half hexis along its edge... its taken me this long to handpiece it all, therefore Id like it big enough to be able to use it...Am ordering the border fabric close to finishing NOT lol


  1. What a way to go though! I am in love with hexies too. Your vignette quilt will be gorgeous and worth all the hard work.

  2. Deb hang in there, you don't want to finish this quilt but be unhappy with it... good luck!

  3. You'll get there Deb...what fun...I have yet do do some!

  4. Gorgeous hexies...your quilt is going to be a real heirloom and so beautiful.

  5. It's so gorgeous Deb !!!!! Hang in there your on the home run now :)

  6. I've only just started making hexagons the last couple of months Deb - but they are sooooo addictive. Yours are gorgeous