Sunday 12 August 2012

Adventures of Peg n Dale

"Hey Peg...looks a bit cold here!! Is the bus coming back??? ", Dale queried not too sure of their new adventure..

"We are in the middle of nowhere!!! What did the sign say we past not long ago"
"We are in Oberon, Dale! Its 50kms west of know, Bathurst!! Tis where we got out of Chookyblues car"
"Lets check the place out" Peg clucked as she led the way...

"Peg, check out his pile of junk..this could be our new ride!!!"

"Dont think so", Peg clucked back at Dale....."We wont be needing one of these for a longggg time!!".

Further along the road they settled quietly in a nearby tree and waited for the morning snow to melt.....

After a little snooze Peg and Dale woke to find the snow had all but melted. This looks like a great place for a few chooks to get their "Cluck on"....
But how do two little chooklets get to the other side of this HUGE dam.......By boat of course!!! Now, wheres the oars.....hmmmmm

"We could roost here for a week or two I think Peg" Dale clucked eagerly.... "Theres plenty of water, and trees to roost in"....

"Where did you say we were again Peg? "
"Oberon Dale, Oberon NSW"........


  1. Poor cold chookys, let them in by the fire!

  2. oh my goodness the girls sure are lost.......

    love the post........

  3. I wonder where those litle chooklets will pop up next

  4. Hope they have found somewhere nice and warm for the night :o)

  5. Funny chooks...hope they didn't get frost bitten beaks!

  6. My goodness! Where will they turn up next. They will need little chooky coats in that weather. I hope they found somewhere nice to warm up.

  7. how funny.... great post.... hope those chooky butts have warmed up...

  8. LOL.....oh Deb, that is amazing....LOL....what a fantastic post.....I am speechless....LOL.....xx thank you so much...

  9. SOOO funny!....THey are NOT coming to Quilt Market in Oct!!...Im keeping my bags closed! Getting them through customs could be a problem! LOL....Great post!