Friday 20 July 2012

I visited the Home Patch

On Wednesday I had to go to the Home Patch for ummmmm...give me a minute....Ill remember soon.....ahhhh.......ohh yes just for a look see
And here is the "look see"

Im sure you will remember I didnt get a lot at the Quilt Show, so I picked up 'The Simple Life' fabric pack I was eyeing off at the show...I also picked up a cute little tin of some more of Lynette Andersons "Secret Garden" to add to the stash, two keyring kits and some more needle punch cloth....All in all, a good "look see" I think....

Im heading off to Khrissy ( BaiSiNoLil) for a sewing day this morning ...yay... I havent had one of those for a while.....Now what to take to work on???

Pssst Chooky, Id love to join in the stitchalong next year if you do "The Simple Life" wink wink!!

Happy Stitching
Deb :)


  1. Now, first of all, weren't you the one at Sydney with the very practical trolley for your 'I didn't buy much' haul???? LOL
    Secondly, if you had said you went to Anni's a month ago, I would have been very jealous. Having just treated myself to a visit, I can now be pleased for you and not sit here in the green haze of envy. I can say I bought that key ring pattern, but I didn't see the kit. Drats.
    Anni must love all who go just 'for a look see'. That shop is set up like a treasure cave.
    Have a fun day out stitching.

  2. Lol ... Addict Much ????
    All looks lovely and can't wait for sewing day !!! Lucky I only have to wait 30 minutes :)

  3. Oh I would love to visit Anni's store for a little look see! lol! But as I'm terrified of flying and not a very strong swimmer...I might have to be just happy with looking through the computer screen!
    Love your purchases!

  4. Oh you are a true addict. Hope you get lots done today.

  5. Love the look-see Deb...who can resist such yumminess!!!!

  6. Id love to go to the Home Patch shop one day. Their stall at the Springwood Quilt Show is always first on my list.

  7. What a lot of gorgeous buts.

  8. Great buys! Id love to go to the Home Patch one day too.

  9. Now that looks like a great day out :)

  10. Wow, you did get a lot of lovely things.

  11. That's a big "look-see" LOL
    Hope you enjoyed your sewing day!!