Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hexin around

I have been busy with my vignette hexagon quilt....we are going away  opal mining for 5 days so I am planning on taking my hexis with me and hopefully Ill be able to finish adding the side and bottom row..THEN it will be the large task of embroidering the small little flowers and there are thousands!! I think I need to find a nice varigated bright thread so I can just sew n sew...

I will be without the internet for 5 days (arghhhhh how will I survive)...we are heading off early tomorrow morning to Grawin NSW. Its about a 6.5 hour drive. We are taking another family with us and they have 4 boys... Im only taking 4 of my kids too...but what was the name of that old tv show ????...Eight is enough lol....

Its a short visit this holidays ( phew), and a few days after we get home, we will heading to Sydney to take the kids to see Disney on Ice....shhhh tis a secret!!! by kids Im including Miss25 as I used to take her every year when she was little and she still attends with us when she can.

Ohh and DH did put up my quilts yesterday, sore back and all.....isnt he lovely !!!!

So my lovely blogging family, be good, keep safe and happy stitching !!!


  1. Such a pretty quilt .... Have fun at the mine :)

  2. such pretty hexagons - it will be so worth all that work...... I hope you find lots of pretty opals too...

  3. Have fun, I know how much you like opals! (tee hee)? The hexies are looking great.

  4. lovely hexies Deb and have a awesome and safe trip,it will feel like the brady bunch.xx

  5. Have a gret few days away.

  6. Enjoy your time away......those hexies look fantastic Deb..