Sunday, 15 July 2012

Disney on Ice

Yesterday we were up at the crack of dawn and headed to Sydney to take the kidlets on a surprise outing!! After picking up Miss25 along the way we parked in the Allphone Arena at Homebush ( only took us 3.5 hours!).

The kidlets still had no idea what we were seeing and once we turned the corner from the parking lot, squeals of delight soon rang through the air!! Thousands of kidlets everywhere!!!

We arrived home late last night after visiting family on the way home ( yay). All the kids jumped into bed clutching their Disney souviners...I needed a large hot coffee..then it was off to bed for me too...
This morning they all wanted hot chocolates in their large tinkerbell lol

After some chores this morning, I plan to sit and sew and watch disney movies with the kids...its overcast, cold and looks like more rain ....rain = sewing in my house!!!


  1. Sounds like a huge but fun day out. I plan to spend my afternoon stitching in the warm too - enjoy yours.

  2. Oh it's looks awesome !!!! Hopefully sewing here too :)

  3. Sounds like everyone had a fantastic time. I love Disney on Ice (maybe more than the kids). Happy sewing.

  4. Fantastic trip out...

  5. Wow! What a fun surprise for the kids. They would have been jumping out of the skins.

  6. Oh how ice, I just love it when people do surprise things , that is awesome and something they will remember, well done deb