Thursday 12 July 2012

Back from Holidays

IM back!! from a few days away the opal mine. Had great fun, but alas no stitching....Its been raining since we have been back so I have a backlog of washing ** insert sad face here**. Thank you for the colourful comments on my last post!!!

I have weakened and joined Pinterest... you can get lost and spend a LONG time pinning ...and drooling...

The raining is dancing on our colourbond roof, shhh... theres a noise, whats that I hear???? Ohh its my sewing chair calling me.....


  1. Hope you had a great trip...did you see Chooky?

  2. Welcome home. The washing iis the worst part of the wet weather - but it's great for sewing. Have a nice afternoon.

  3. Welcome back welcome back welcome back :)