Friday 1 June 2012

Once a Season Swap ...Winter

I participated in the latest Once a Season Swap and wow did I get spoiled!!! The lovely Fiona from BubzRugz sent me these gorgeous winter items!!

 This beautifully stitched wallhanging was a lovely surprise!! Am loving the cute little snowmen and snowflakes... A BIG BIG thank you to Fiona for her gorgeous gifts!!!!

Unfortunately my swap item will be posted tomorrow shhhhhh ( two days late). This happens when you use hand dyed cotton and you run out, buy more and the new thread isnt the same ( not even close **** huge sigh here***). I did receive a package from Sandy at Cookies and Cream today, a quick call and new thread was in the post. Thank you Sandy now I can finish the last 2" of my stitching tonight and send my package to my secret swap partner.......I wonder if she reads my blog ....hmmmmm

Website Update: The website is still down, apparently moving to a new server takes weeks GRRRR....If you wish to purchase anything, leave me a comment and Ill contact you asap...


  1. Lovely items that Fiona has made for you there, very lucky and a fun swap. hugs

  2. so glad it got to you safely and just in time for winter.... I had such fun making it and 'meeting' you....

  3. Lovely gifts from Fiona. Nothing cuter than little 'frosty fellows'

  4. You have been spoilt by Bubz, Deb, all your goodies are fantastic...

  5. Ooh - how gorgeous is that fun winter quilt and all the other goodies too.
    That is just too organised to getting things out early.
    Mine will be right there with yours! Don't tell Mama.

  6. Looks lovely. Lucky Girl