Saturday 30 June 2012

Almost done

I finally finished stitching the binding on my new design Robot and Rockets late last night. This morning I will handstitch it in place while watching disney with the kids...Then it will be another tick off my to do list....I love this quilt tis soo bright and the robots are soo cute!!! I will post a full pic when i have finished the binding...we have a heavy fog here this morning; hopefully it will clear to reveal a nice winters sun, so I can take some outside shots.

Thursday 28 June 2012

A good buy

I have been eyeing this fabric off since it appeared in one of the Vingette magazine as a quick quilt a few issues ago... Im always on the look out for a good bargain **insert wicked smile here**, and found this fat quarter bundle for $25!!!! I was only looking for thread and just happened to look in the sale section... dont know what its called but the designer is Melly from Melly and Me.. another good one for the stash....

I finished binding one quilt last night and will bind another this afternoon, this morning I have allocated for pattern writing.... only two more quilts to go ( still in  construction stage **sigh**), then Im going to have a few months break from 'frog cottage', so I can finish all my own projects and start all the new ones that are whispering to me from upon their shelves....

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Vintage Modern

Mr postman bought me the first FQS Designer BOM block. This year the fabric is Vintage Modern and I just love it!!! Alas this is a project Im doing with Khrissy BaiSiNoLil. next year, so its been allocated a bag and stored away.

Note the little 2.5" charm pack in the vintage modern 'too cute'. In the parcel I received the backing, finishing kit and the first months block. This will be a gorgeous quilt and will match the Angels Story quilt (in ruby fabrics) Im doing as a stitchalong with Khrissy. Miss 5 has already claimed this one as her own.

I did forget to show you the mug rug I made in the Quilting Mummas swap, was my first mug rug. I needed practise before I tackle Dawnies hexi mug rug shes been begging me for lol

Its been 'sewbusy' here the last two days, as I have been non stop machine quilting. I have another quilt to do today and I must finish off some detailing on yesterdays achievement. I am 'kid and hubby free' for the next 5 hours, so Id better get cracking.

Happy Stitching

Monday 25 June 2012

Our new addition

Hubby came home last night with our new surprise!!!! I think a picture speaks a thousand words lol

Welcome to the family Schnitzel von Crumb lol

Sunday 24 June 2012

Mug rug swap goodies

Look what finally arrived on Friday!! I thought I had been forgotten!! My mug rug swap from the USA.  I am very happy that it arrived ** a bit late** but tis here...

I received my mug rug, some charm squares and a tape dispenser with the most gorgeous paisley sticky tape...a big thank you to Alison for her hardwork..

Yesterday the kids and I had were sick, well 5 out of 6 of wasnt a good Saturday here. Lucky it was only a 24 hour bug ** thank you**. Therefore today Ive been sneaking off now and then without much success to work on my aqua and red quilt. Ive cut out all the blocks and the first block is ready to sew...BUT the kidlets have other plans......

DH has been away this weekend and is due home in the next few hours. I have the slow cooker on, the kidlets WILL be bathed and content for his I intend to do my sewing tonight!!! A quick kiss, maybe a hug; then Ill be off hehehehe. He tells me he is bringing the family home a surprise...hmmmm wonder what it will be ...... whatever it is be assured Ill take some pics...!!!

Saturday 23 June 2012

We are back online!!!!

After a long six weeks Frog Cottage Designs is back online with a new web address. The new website . After a lot of hard work it looks 98% the same as before. For those who have had emails bounce please change to the new email addy .

With the new kids quilts available early July, Ill be able to take a breather and finish a lot of my UFOs, so I can feel less guilty before I start any of my new quilts. I did a tidy up last night and have MORE than 8 ready to be started ( shhhh, tis bad I know). I am going to blame my addiction to EPP, patchwork and quilting before I look at my shopping flaws lol.

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Friday 22 June 2012

Angel Story update

Its been a little while since Ive updated my angels story blocks...I do them in between all my frog cottage items..

I finished Libby the Librarian last night...

And started Dimity the Dreamer...

I finished Charlotte the shopper a while back but she my fav!!!! All the blocks are appliqued and ready to stitch. I think I have seven blocks completed now..
Yay me!!!

Tuesday 19 June 2012

A few more to go...

After a long wait I was able to get one skein of my thread, others are in the yesterday I completed another heart. I still have 3.5 to loving this stitchery, tis quick and easy...

will look gorgeous with Bunny Hills Ohh la la fabrics. Tis another cold and wet day here, great to finish stitching my hearts.

Monday 18 June 2012

Quilt show purchases

I think I was rather restrained in my puchases this year...

First off was Natalie Birds new book "Red Home". I also bought the fabric pack for the gorgeous hexi pinchushion thats inside and two packs of reproduction reds.

Second, two fabric packs from Annis the Simple Life, a bookmark, the zippy purse. and from Studio Mio two gorgeous fat quarters.  Kate gave me a mini 2.5" charm pack from French General Chateau Rouge for giving her a lift to the show, yay me!!

and finally I signed up for Carolyn Konigs '1860 Marriage Quilt' BOM. It goes for TWO YEARS and is all hand pieced...I went back to her stall fifty times and finally took the plunge. The colours are gorgeous and will definately be a long road, I think the reward at the end will be worth it...

I will leave you with this pic I borrowed from Kate's blog...goodbye Sydney Craft and Quilt Show 2012

Sunday 17 June 2012

Quilt show

Friday was the big day for the Bloggers Meet at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Show. It was a great turn out with over 30 bloggers. Was nice to catch up with the Nundle bloggers and meet some new friends.. I didnt get any pics will have to borrow and post soon.
Susan and I met at 6.15am and travelled on to met Kate at McDonalds, Lithgow. We found her in corner stitching and talking to a new friend, a quilter from Orange ( we are everywhere!!).

Susan enjoying the quilt exhibition

Hooterville was beautifully embelished

It was a long day, I didnt get home till 10pm but had the most fantastic time catching up with everyone and the eight hours in the car just flew by.

I did make some purchases, I was very restrained for me..maybe cause I wasnt feeling the best ( still have the flu). Will show you all my goodies in my next post.

Happy Stitching

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Quilt Show blog meet

Two more sleeps, then Susan, (Thimblestitch) Kate (Show and Tell)and I will be headed off on a road trip. I think it will be a 5.30am -6am start for the long drive to Sydney. It will be great to catch up with all my blogger friends and some new ones.

We are meeting on the grassed area, Tumbalong park out the front of the Exhibition Centre, if raining in the foyer. Just look for a rather noisy group of women all taking photos. Hope to see you there!!!

Sunday 10 June 2012

Arrived safely...

My Once a Season Swap items have arrived safely to Fiona of BubzRugz!!! The theme was 'Winter".

 When I think of winter I think of my favourite colour Red!!

I also sent an Anni Downs 'Petite sewing kit', a sachet of chai latte **yum** , some cottage garden thread and a patchwork card. I did try to borrow a pic of all the items, as someone forgot to do a full shot; but it wouldnt copy...
Fiona has a wonderful blog; full of her stitching adventures, and lots of pics of her new pressies. Tis always nice to make a new stitching friend, so pop on over and take a look!!!!!

Friday 8 June 2012

Down on the Farm

I was asked last year to make a quilt for the 'Down on the Farm' issue of Creating Country Threads Vol 13 No1. I posted a few shots whilst it was being made earlier in the year so I can show you a full pic. I will release the pattern later in the year.

Must admit I love the muted country colours; but give me French General anyday :)

Website Update: Im still arguing (negotiating) with a giant hosting company in the US to return my domain rights of back to ME!!!! so I can get the website back on the air. I am currently working on a website and should have it up and running within the week. Then I can link .com to ... **insert a massive sigh here** Gotta love technology :)

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Can you keep a secret

Im late!!! Yep, but tis not my fault!!! Ive finally wrapped my OASS parcels and they will be expressed posted today!!! Shhhh, I did state in a previous post the problems with matching my threads....with the last item now completed,my swap items will be express posted today from Bathurst!! I would have posted two days ago but we only have a small postal agency in the village and they dont express or register post ( grrr). So if your my partner, its a secret so maybe not; as its a secret swap, your parcels are on their way!!!

Dont you just LOVE surprises???? I do !!!!

Tuesday 5 June 2012

A bit of sewing

Ive been a bit quiet as Ive been head down tooshie up working on some new designs. Heres what Ive been sewing the last two nights..

Its for a new girls quilt and I have quite a FEW too go!! Must admit I do enjoy working with the varigated Cottage Country Threads...Love that its just cut and sew without any splitting. BUT as its all hand dyed there is a lot of colour difference in the one colour range which I found out when making my OASS item. If you are doing a large stitchery buy all the thread at once....

Friday 1 June 2012

Once a Season Swap ...Winter

I participated in the latest Once a Season Swap and wow did I get spoiled!!! The lovely Fiona from BubzRugz sent me these gorgeous winter items!!

 This beautifully stitched wallhanging was a lovely surprise!! Am loving the cute little snowmen and snowflakes... A BIG BIG thank you to Fiona for her gorgeous gifts!!!!

Unfortunately my swap item will be posted tomorrow shhhhhh ( two days late). This happens when you use hand dyed cotton and you run out, buy more and the new thread isnt the same ( not even close **** huge sigh here***). I did receive a package from Sandy at Cookies and Cream today, a quick call and new thread was in the post. Thank you Sandy now I can finish the last 2" of my stitching tonight and send my package to my secret swap partner.......I wonder if she reads my blog ....hmmmmm

Website Update: The website is still down, apparently moving to a new server takes weeks GRRRR....If you wish to purchase anything, leave me a comment and Ill contact you asap...