Friday 25 May 2012

Slow Cooker Recipe Weekend

Im joining in on Chookyblues Slow Cooker Recipe Weekend. I made a Beef and Mushroom casserole last night in the slow cooker was soo yummmm. I have a few quick recipes that the kids love, but this one is a favourite at the moment. ( ok ok this isnt a pic of mexican chicken but looks yum anyway lol)

Mexican Chicken

1kg chicken thighs fillets
I can corn kernals
2 jars of your favourite salsa
I cup of cream
2- 3 torn tortillas ( not necessary but it does taste like dumplings yum)

Mix all together and cook on high for 3-4 hours or 6 hours on slow. Sprinkle with parsely and grated cheese .

We have a few little visitors this weekend, so its lasagna tonight and baked dinner tomorrow...incase they are fussy eaters....


  1. oh i will be trying this one also ,thankyou Deb,what a great idea of chookys.xx

  2. hey thanks for this recipe.........might have to make my family suffer this one as it sounds great......they just aren't so big on the salsa part.........

  3. oh yum! I don't think my slow cooker is going to ever go back in the cupboard! Will add this onew to my list...thank you!

  4. Yum Yum... looks great even if it isn't the right picture :)

  5. That sounds scrummy. I'm lovng this blog hop....