Friday 20 April 2012

Twas another early morning for me. I made a nice strong coffee at 5.15am and decided to do some sewing as I probably wont be able too whilst my grandsons are visiting ** insert HUGE smile here**. Im doing the final stitching on my Rockets and Robots quilt.

Yesterday in the wee early hours I made a few face washers. I can never find any when I need them so I cut up an old towel used double thickness and some cute fat quarters I had. Just quick n easy 6 1/2" squares and a quick sew around the edges..the owls have already been claimed by DD9, DD4 and DD3...looks like DS5 will have to have flowers lol

I bid farewell to DD27 early this morning, shes heading home to Sydney to get ready for her flight to Perth to look for a new home with hubby. Im really sad they are leaving Sydney, but I thanked her for the wonderful going away present; the minding of her two gorgeous boys whilst they are away for a week....always see the positive.....


  1. love your robot Deb and such cute washes,yep cant beat spending time with the grandies.xx

  2. Love your project Deb, looks great...and those washers, very cute...lucky you to be looking after your grandsons...

  3. You have been so busy!!!! Enjoy the week with your little boys, just think you have a reason to visit Perth now! Lucky you off to Fiji for a break, taking any of the kids???