Thursday, 19 April 2012

No wonder I have no time!

Its 4am and Ive been kicked out of bed by my two little ones and a cat sigh....the hubby is away and Ive been dreaming of my bed all to myself...Im kidding myself that was EVER gonna happen lol
Its pitch black and its soo quiet, all I can hear is the air filter thingy on the fish tank....Maybe I have this all wrong, I usually stay up till all hours to sew; I should be getting up earlier to sew...
Ive signed up for yet another SWAP arghhh, but I love receiving my swap pressies in the mail... this time is with Quilting Mumma...a mug swap rug...

And Im also signed up for "lets exchange 2012". This is what I sent to Narelle for the Journal Swap. The angry birds pen was a last minute addition as Miss 3 decided to 'borrow' my easter pen ( which was a cute bunny) and well lets say it couldnt be sent. I love Anni Downs notepads and try and include one in each of the swaps. I have a little stock pile and find it quite hard to write on them!!

Next swap item is the 'Once a Season' Swap. The theme is winter...I will have to get on to that one this week as in two more weeks IM off to Fiji for a well earned rest ( so the hubby says lol). I see it as another 10 days of no sewing :( .

Ive already decided on two books to read whilst there. Hubby wanted to go for his birthday this year so I guess I had to say OK lol.

I have been working madly on my Rockets and Robots quilt. Ive finished the applique and stitching, and tomorrow, hopefully I will piece the quilt top, will post pics then.

I have two gorgeous visitors arriving this morning, plus their mummy YAY...

My gorgeous grandson Joshua aged 2 ( pic with my daughter Maddi 9)

And grandson Lachlan aged 8 months...They are coming to visit Nanna for a week as their Mummy and Daddy are off to Perth.. Daddy for work and Mummy to find them a house. My baby girl (oldest) and her little family are moving to Perth within the next few weeks!!!! They confirmed the news a week ago on their Easter visit. Son in Law was offered a promotion too good to pass up. Im an extremely sad Nanna at the moment and will cherish this next week with my little boys immensely....Im allowed to visit whenever I want too ( such a wonderful hubby) but will settle on daily chats on Skype till they purchase a new home......sniff sniff.

Sorry for the long post, I guess its probably one of the first ones Ive written without any interruptions lol....


  1. Thank goodness for Skype! Surely a little hand stitching could go to Fiji too?

  2. lovely journal swap parcel Deb your partner would have been very pleased,i love Cheryll's swap also they are lots of fun.Lovely grand-sons,i can see skype being used a lot. oh your holiday will be fantastic,i am with Alison i would be taking some hand stitching as well.xx

  3. I am sure you will be able to "sneak" some of your Anni's blocks bits to appliqué whilst you are away. Enjoy Fiji - such lovely friendly people. Love your swap pressies and gorgeous pics of the family. Did I read right - your grandson??? no way you are not old enough to be a nanna/??

  4. Enjoy your holiday - you'll be refreshed and ready to stitch when you get home. I know what you mean about the notepads - how do you write boring lists on such beautiful pictures? I save mine for 'special' lists. Have a lovely time with your little visitors too.

  5. Such gorgeous pics and you too have a Maddi, I haven't seen many other's spell it this way. Mine is Madeline. Such a pitty your little family is moving so far away. Skype will be wonderful.