Sunday 15 April 2012

Dont drink tea with kids around...

I spent a few days stitching my 'A Christmas Story' trying to catch up with my monthly commitments ( too many) and DD9 came in for a cuddle and whoops my cup of tea splashed all over the stitcheries I had laid out to show her. A quick dash to the kitchen and all was saved!!!!

Lightning wasnt very good was a bit late at night.....

Today a girlfriend came to visit and bought some stitching she had been doing. OMG she has stitched 'Tis the Season'. She made each stitchery 5" and I like it better than the smaller ones;she also had the backing to show me. The kids were all playing so I suggested we attack my roll of wadding and baste her quilt. Now its ready for quilting..... to think she started the quilt 3 weeks ago.....sigh..

I grabbed a quick shot as she walked out the door......I havent made this one but tis on my list of things to do!!

Happy Stitching


  1. Beautiful Xmas Story and beautiful tis the season E :)
    Sounds like a productive day!!!

  2. good to hear that your quilt is alright and your friends quilt is stunning.xx

  3. Your Xmas Story looks fantastic ... great save, the TTS, very nice...

  4. Ooohh... both quilts are wonderful.
    Phew... thank heavens for running water! :)

    1. Lots of activity there...your Christmas story looks great!