Wednesday 21 March 2012

Working away

Its been a busy week, sewing, writing, getting things organised for my weekend away to Nundle **insert smiley face here**. I cant show you my swap item or name tag for the "Girls Day in the Country" that I have been working on, but, I can say its an English paper pieced pincushion...its an EPP shape I havent used before and dont think Ill be rushing to use it again lol

I have also been madly making these Robot and Rocket blocks for a new design, which I will hopefully finish after the weekend! Am loving this one, tis quick and easy to sew and I love the bright colours ( yes i know.. the pic doesn't do the colours justice!). DH has a good camera, but mines soo easy to plug into the puter...I have two other robot blocks and the centre block to applique... a night or two of stitching, then I will be able to piece it all together...

I do love it when I can finally finish a project!! 


  1. Good work Deb. Love your robots - I needed that design 10 years ago! See you on the weekend - can't wait to meet. x

  2. lovely blocks Deb,have fun at Nundle,lots of wonderful ladies heading there.xx

  3. hey I am sure your pincushion and name tags are fine.........see you very soon........

  4. Beautiful robot quilt,love the colours...looking forward to sharing a cabin with you. I still have the pincushion to make...just the instructions nearly have me beat! See you Saturday. xx