Saturday 3 March 2012

Tales of the Turon River

I woke up this morning to discover the Turon River is flowing faster and stronger than yesterday, DH moved the caravan earlier this morning from the campsite on the property...just in case....

The Turon river borders 2kms of our property and our house sits high on a hill so we are safe. This picture shows a raging river where as normally from this angle we can see a small stream which is no more than a foot deep in places, with lots of deep waterholes further on.

Our immediate 5 acres surrounding the house is fenced. The above photo is deceiving, due to the angle of which it was taken. As you walk out of this gate tis a steep walk down to the river.

We took a drive to see if we are cut off and yep, the river had finally gone over the road.

It had gone down as you can see outside the window of the car, where the water level had risen too overnight.

So I guess Miss 8 isnt going to a birthday party today....

This pic is one of the local campsites "Wallaby Rocks". The complete camping area is under water. fingers crossed with all the rain forecasted for March that I am able to attend "GDITC" in Nundle NSW. 

A big 'stay safe' to all my blogging friends in flood affected areas. My thoughts are with you.


  1. i'm sure all will be fine for GDITC.....enjoy the waterfront views........hope it doesn't get too rainy again today...........

  2. I would have loved to meet up with a few blogging friends at Nundle this year.. but someone is getting married! Oh well there's always NEXT year! :(

  3. Good weather for ducks and stitchers! Take care.

  4. wow thats a lot of water,take care.xx

  5. I agree, stay safe everyone.

  6. can anybody tell me if the road from bathurst to tuena or bigga bigga is open