Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My name game mini quilt swap has arrived!!!

Yay my mini quilt in the Samelias Mums Name Game swap has arrived!!!

I got spoilt!! As well as my mini quilt I received a zippy purse and a hexagon for my garden. I think you will agree with me that my partner Alison did a wonderful job!!!

I havent heard if my partner has received her mini quilt in the post. Im sure she isnt following my blog so I will show you what I sent to her. She chose to have her blog name in her quilt. Fingers crossed she will receive it soon...

I have been a bit quiet as I am madly trying to finish a few deadlines before I head to GDITC in NUNDLE next weekend!!!!!!!!Woot Woot, I am sooo excited!!! I still have to make the swap item and name tag for the workshop but it is on my to do list!! I still need to buy a few new CDs for the 4.5 hour trek...I am planning to sing my heart out along the way....will be exciting to catch up with and finally meet all the lovely bloggers I converse with daily!!!!


  1. Both the mini quilts look great. Looks like a fun swap. On the big countdown for Nundle now.

  2. lovely name swap projects both sent and received,love the extras Deb.xx

  3. I got my quilt today!!! I love it and it is already hanging on the wall behind my sewing machine. Thank you for doing such a great job.

  4. oh and I can't wait to catch up again........

  5. You must be so happy with your quilt. It is lovely. I'm sure you will have all done in time for Nundle.