Monday 26 March 2012

More adventures of Peg n Dale

Peg and Dale were unable to join us in person this weekend .....we missed them so! So these two "chooks" are filling in for them.....(see here and here for more adventures..........)

I found these two attacking all the nibbles....

And after shooing them away, I later caught them drinking the rest of the champers!!! Bad chooks....

I think these two forgot where they were as we kept finding them laying choccie eggs all over the cabin.....

We knew it was time for bed when we found that they had found their roost for the night...

Last time I saw this pair, they waved to me from the back window of Lise's car, the cheeky buggers so I guess they are now on their way to Melbourne......


  1. I was wondering yesterday who had the girls..........LOL...........can't believe they laid eggs in your cabin and not in mine.........glad they found somewhere to roost for the

  2. Well we do appear in the strangest spots...LOL...I do love my nibbles and drinkies, and as for Dale well she has no will power at all...we can still lay eggs, see we are not too old did we get up are gorgeous Deb, mwah and hugs to you....just showed the DH, a little laugh and 'who drinks the Jameson'....LOL

  3. Hilarious - gee the girls surely got around this year. Great to meet you Deb was great to put a face to the name enjoyed your company

  4. Great photos Deb - wasn't it fun. Lovely to meet you in person.

  5. so funny Deb,i loved your post,lol,naughty Peg and Dale,lol.xx

  6. Peg is looking fatter than Dale. Love her wooden head accessory .