Saturday, 17 March 2012

A bit more....

Im bad, I didnt go to the Home Patch yesterday so I wouldnt spend anything so close to Nundle, so I went to the local Fabric and Trim just for a look see and omg bought this....the mobile pic quality isnt there... but its a stash of mushroom, lilacs and pinks with a few cottons....buying fabric is like an investment Id say... for my retirement lol


  1. Very nice selection of colours. They have so much fabric there it's hard to take it all in. You just have to buy what you love when you see it - we understand.

  2. whow great buys Deb,lol,its an addiction we cant help ourselves ,lol.xx

  3. WooHoo... the kids inheritance is being well looked after...haha... with great bargins I'm sure :)