Wednesday 4 January 2012

Happy New Year

Where does the time go. Its already the 4th of January. I havent been able to blog as I had a corrupt sd card in my camera grrr... but after days of being unable to blog any pics, DH suggests I just take the card out and put it back in and tar works... beware I have a few pics lol

Christmas this year was spent in Sydney at my DD house. It was hectic we took the caravan with us but we survived....Christmas Eve Santa and Mrs Claus walked the streets meeting children, taking pics and handing out candy canes. This year we waited almost 90 minutes for him to walk the circuit...Santa finally arrived around 9pm...this pic was taken early in the wait...of course my camera's battery died when santa arrived...sigh

The next morning the kids woke to a sea of presents. I love this pic of my grandson checking out his "thomas" lounge...

The kids had a great time on the gigantic jumping castle Uncle Paul bought over to occupy the kids... It had a basketball court and slide in it...Even I went down the slide lol

After lunch we always get a surprise visit from a true aussie blue santa lol

He arrived with his golden reindeer ( labrador) and summer santa suit ( short sleeves and no beard)....Even Nanna jumped on Santas lap to receive her Chrissy present...

We had a wonderful Christmas in Sydney with all my children and their families. We will have visitors for another week or so, then it will be back to my sewing deadlines. I did receive my SSCS chrissy present ...wooohooo loved it. Pics to follow.
Now that 2011 has gone, I would like to wish everyone and their families a wonderful 2012.

Happy Stitching

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