Monday 30 January 2012

Taylors First Day

Well this day has come! Taylor is starting school, she is soo excited!!!!

Actually all the kids are excited, Mum is too shhhhhh

Wishing all the children starting school this week a great new school year, and to all the Mums happy sewing !!!!

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Angel Story

I promised a pic of my first An Angels Story block...the pic doesnt do the Ruby Fabric justice. I am enjoying the buttonhole applique on this quilt and loving the colours. I have prepared blocks for Feb and March and hope to complete the rest of them within the next week, that way I can pick up the block allocated for each month and just sew.

I finally started Block A of 'A Christmas Story' which IM doing with Khrissy this year.  Khris has completed two blocks of the four in 'Block A'. Although Im a tad behind, IM up to date for now! I do need to get the DMC threads for the quilt, so will a good excuse to visit the Home Patch on Friday ...hehehehehe

Only a few more days till school starts!!! Am looking forward to getting the kids and myself back into a routine.  I have a lot of projects and UFOs to complete but I love the new Sue Daley BOM 'This goes with That'. Quilt Fabric Delights have the BOM in three colourways...and being a Libran, Im still yet to decide which one I want to do...Im about to clean my sewing room...that might help me decide. What are you plans today?
Happy Stitching

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Young Rocketeer

What's that? Look!!! Up in the sky? Is it a bird?? A plane??? NOOOOO tis Maddis Amazing Water Rockets!!!

The kids have had a lot of fun playing with Maddis new rocket launcher. They spent the morning with DH painting water bottles and adding fins and tails, whilst I was off on a sewing date!!!! 

Tis easy for the kids to load, DH uses an air compressor ( is quicker than the foot pump) to build up pressure in the bottles and gives the ok for the kids to pull the cord to launch their rockets high in the air.

The kids lined up patiently ( cough cough) and took turns setting the rockets off...thank you to my step dad for building the launcher!!! If you look close at the following pic, follow the water line and you can see the red rocket almost in line with the tip of the tree...

Over yonder at the end of the drive is the Chook Shed. Four little chickens have hatched since yesterday, two black and two cream. There is six or more eggs still waiting to hatch....Wonder how many we will find in the morning????....Tis late, its 12.50am here. I just finished stitching the applique on one of my angel blocks from Anni Downs "An Angels Story". Will post pics tomorrow, as my bed is calling me...

Happy Stitching
Deb :)

Sunday 22 January 2012

New addition

Just a quick post to show you our new addition to the family. A gorgeous Dalmation called "Kelly".


 DH travelled to Wollongong to pick her up as her owners were unable to care for anymore. She is settling in nicely and even went for a drive to Grandmas yesterday.

Saturday 21 January 2012

Name Game

I have signed up for Samelia's Mum "Name Game Swap" Its an international swap and is based on the idea of making a mini quilt for your swap partner, using their name / blog name in the quilt. The size is approximately 10” x 12” .

We each had to make a mosiac as inspiration for our partner. Took me ages to make mine. I kept to the frog cottage colours as I want the quilt to hang in my sewing room to compliment the frog cottage range. Although I am loving all the gorgeous modern colours that are around at the moment. Our mosiacs are posted on flickr

Its a blind swap therefore our partners identity is hidden until we receive our mini quilts!! I have my partners name and have until end of February to complete it. This is going to be fun!! 

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Quiltscape quilting giveaway

I won!!!!!! I was lucky enough to win a thread catcher kit from Quiltscapes quilting blog giveaway.... thank you to Deonn Stott for the lovely prize.
Check out Deonns blog.

Hmmm I took this pic off my phone... thinks its time to buy a new camera.. cest la vie

Sunday 15 January 2012

New design

What a lovely Sunday this is today, overcast with a tease of light rain. We had homemade soup and bread rolls for lunch, definately not a mid summer menu!
DH has taken the kids for a 4wd drive along the river and given me an hour or so to catch up on some of my sewing.
This train is a new design for that special boy in your life...which I have a few **smiling**. I am madly trying to finish the needleturn blocks, so I can get it moving along. Love the reds and neutrals...

I have FINALLY prepared block one of An Angels Story to be sewn. I will buttonhole applique this quilt as I have lovely Cosmo threads to compliment the gorgeous Ruby fabric.

My camera still is a little sick,pics are still a little dark... maybe the fall at Christmas has taken its toll. I am nursing it back to health thou....fingers crossed...

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!!

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Angel Story

Ive been busy working on Anni Downs an Angels Story. I decided to do mine in the 'Ruby' fabric line and I am really happy with the results.. I cut out the whole quilt the other day and have now sewn all the borders  to the angel blocks...

Next is to actually applique the first block. This year Khrissy and I are working on an Angels Story and Annis Downs Christmas quilt. Each month will have allocated blocks to work on so at the end of the year YAY we will have both quilts finished. By working on only one or two blocks a month, will help manage ALL the BOMs I have in progress...

I have my daughter and two grandsons visiting this week!!!! Excited!!! DH picked 8kgs of plums the other day and made this huge stack of plum jelly... tastes yum

My camera is still playing up and I cant  transfer the rest of my sewing for you to see....but I will keep trying....and theres only two more weeks of school holidays, time is just flying!!!

Thursday 5 January 2012

Swap Updates

Yesterday I received my gorgeous hexagons from Alberta all the way from Georgia US. Thank you Alberta they will look lovely in my garden!!

Now that both my partners have received their pressies in the Christmas Swaps. Ill show you what I made.This is the parcel I sent to Andrea in the UK in the Chookyblues SSCS...

and this is what I sent Barbara in Texas...

I received my Chookyblue Secret Santa Christmas Swap parcel from Nancy in Philadelphia; a gorgeous bag, needlebook, drawstring bag filled with truffles, quilt notepad and a lovely chrissy card. I will use my new bag as my 'Monday Sewing' bag...its lovely and spacious and will fit in all my sewing and tools. I love my little hexagon needlebook too!!! Just love it!!! It fits in my 'needleturn box perfectly'...

 A big thank you again to Nancy for her gorgeous pressies!!! You can check out Nancys blog to see whats happening in Philadelphia USA. Must show you again my Christmas decoration that Nancy sent that I was allowed to open before Christmas. My favourite shop hehehe....

I had a wonderful time participating in the Christmas swaps and as always my monthly hexagon swap.

Happy Stitching

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Happy New Year

Where does the time go. Its already the 4th of January. I havent been able to blog as I had a corrupt sd card in my camera grrr... but after days of being unable to blog any pics, DH suggests I just take the card out and put it back in and tar works... beware I have a few pics lol

Christmas this year was spent in Sydney at my DD house. It was hectic we took the caravan with us but we survived....Christmas Eve Santa and Mrs Claus walked the streets meeting children, taking pics and handing out candy canes. This year we waited almost 90 minutes for him to walk the circuit...Santa finally arrived around 9pm...this pic was taken early in the wait...of course my camera's battery died when santa arrived...sigh

The next morning the kids woke to a sea of presents. I love this pic of my grandson checking out his "thomas" lounge...

The kids had a great time on the gigantic jumping castle Uncle Paul bought over to occupy the kids... It had a basketball court and slide in it...Even I went down the slide lol

After lunch we always get a surprise visit from a true aussie blue santa lol

He arrived with his golden reindeer ( labrador) and summer santa suit ( short sleeves and no beard)....Even Nanna jumped on Santas lap to receive her Chrissy present...

We had a wonderful Christmas in Sydney with all my children and their families. We will have visitors for another week or so, then it will be back to my sewing deadlines. I did receive my SSCS chrissy present ...wooohooo loved it. Pics to follow.
Now that 2011 has gone, I would like to wish everyone and their families a wonderful 2012.

Happy Stitching