Friday 28 December 2012

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Now Christmas has past by a few days I thought I would show you what I sent to my partner in Norway.

A Chrissy ornament by Country Keepsakes, a hanging heart by Rosalie Quinlan and a notions roll by Figtree designs.

I added a few DMC threads to the notions roll to get it started. Thank you Chookyblue for a wonderful swap, I love the anticipation of waiting for the pressies to arrive and being good not opening them before Christmas ( tis a challenge lol). I will post the pressies I received tomorrow.

Monday 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas ...

Christmas Eve is here and all my family have headed home ( insert a few tears here). We have had the best 5 days! I wanted to show you my Santa sacks; finished with  3 hours to spare lol. The kids love them which is the most important thing...lets just hope Santa is able to fill them!

Oops Ive just noticed that the reindeer doesnt have his googly eyes, better fix that before I go to bed.

DD2 and DD3 made some yummy christmas cookies on Saturday....can you see the sad face on one of the gingerbread men awwwwww.

Im just about to put out all my pressies under the tree. I cant leave anything out with my three little ones...Santa has his cookies, egg nog and xmas card to snack on when he arrives.... its really windy here hope he doesnt get blown away tonight......
Id like to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year filled with lots of stitching! Take care and remember to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 21 December 2012

A busy time....

Just popping in to let you all know, yes I am still here; but soo busy. Yesterday my family arrived and more will arrive tonight. Most are staying till Christmas Eve yay!!!!! Life has been hectic with all the end of school year activites, concerts, xmas craft and shopping. I still have my santa sacks to finish, I just need to sew them together. Hoping today my Sister in law will distract the little ones for an hour or two so I can get them finished.

I just love my family, most live in Sydney so I do cherish the time I spend with them. I would like to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful blogging friends, thank you for making this a most enjoyable year!!! Enjoy your time with your family and stay safe....ohhh and if you can manage it "Happy Sewing" too lol

Saturday 15 December 2012

Build your best log ebook

The first quilt I ever made was a log cabin. I think most new quilters find the log cabin one of the easiest blocks to make. Unfortunately my mother "borrowed" my quilt as she was selling her house and almost 10 years later; my quilt still adorns her bed !

I was given an opportunity by "Fons and Porter" to review their latest ebook "Build your Best Log Cabin". This ebook is in a pdf format which contains 24 pages of diagrams,step by step instructions and pictures to help you create one of three  most popular log cabin styles; Traditional, Chevron and Courthouse Steps.

Using a variety of strip widths and block sizes charts within the ebook, allows you to "adapt" any pattern in the book to create your very own log cabin quilt.

This book is great for first time quilters, or a great reference for medium toadvanced quilters. There is also a few tutorials "Bump free binding" and "Bobbin work with Trapunto" to compliment your work. And best of all this ebook is FREE.

Fons and Porter produce one of Americas favourite quilting magazines, " The love of Quilting" Check out their site for online quilting classes, free ebooks, quilt book reviews, and free patterns.

Cherry Christmas

I was on facebook the other night ( what a shocker) and I was browsing in "Sew your DeStashing" and found this little bundle at a great price! Its Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey.

Not much happening this week in the sewing area....I have soo much to finish for Christmas arghhh, tis always the way..... It has been a busy week with extra kids, christmas craft and concerts. DH is away this weekend visiting family up the coast so today we have been busy in the pool and playing the Wii. Hoping to finish my santa sacks tonight..fingers crossed.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Mail arrived woohoo

 Hello Mr Postman..... I was a lucky girl yesterday!!!! My SSCS parcel arrived from Sherry in the US....

Lots of pressies for me and even one for the kidlets ( heart melts). I opened up my decoration and it was a gorgeous fabric ornament, held together by a cute snowman button! I love the Chrissy card so traditional...ahhh Christmas is sooo close now. Thank you Sherry for your lovely presents. Ive had to lock them away as I had a few wandering hands eager to open them...hahahaha

Parcel no 2 was from the lovely Peg. I saw some little notepads the day before our bloggers meet and had seen Peg making gorgeous covers on her blog, so I grabbed a few and gave them to her at the lunch. Look what Peg sent me, a lovely card and notepad wrapped in a fat quarter. The pic doesnt do it justice!! Its so cute, Im not sure how Ill ever write in it! Thanks Peg xxx
And parcel no 3.... I won a giveaway on Samelias Mums blog. A skylander giant! The kids are excited, I was thinking of buying the portal as a family gift for the Wii, so this is a bonus. Thank you Anorina!
And the last present I wasnt very happy about. We found this parcel in our chook shed.....
We had a broody chook and the goanna stole her eggs ...not happy jan....DH took this parcel for a long walk...hopefully far enough that it doesnt come back... lucky I didnt find this one lol!!!
Thanks again Ladies!!

Monday 10 December 2012

On a roll....

Ta Dah... I found time in between 8 kids this weekend to finish sewing the Santa Sacks and I finished preparing the applique last night.  I decided on both a small applique and the kids names...


I have a Christmas party tomorrow so will head to Spotlight to buy the lining, googly eyes and some cord for the drawstrings. I cant believe how productive I have been the last 10 days....must be something in the air!

Ive been madly trying to finish all my UFOs so I can start afresh on the HUGE pile of BOM and kits that have been patiently waiting to be played with...

This quilt ( Christmas Cards - the chook shed)  was on my must finish pile last Christmas only waiting for the borders, they are now completed and hopefully Ill be able to quilt it sometime this week...

Sunday 9 December 2012

SSCS parcel has Norway !

My SSCS parcel has arrived in Norway..... yay!  Nemo ( Made by Nemo)  was happy with what I made, which is always a bonus! I borrowed Nemos pic as its better than mine lol

Her other pressies are tucked away under the tree...thanks again to Chookyblue for such a wonderful swap!!

Saturday 8 December 2012

Friday Night with Friends

I enjoyed last night stitching with friends, nothing like virutally sewing buddies lol...

I cut out four Santa sacks and managed to get two sewn together...hopefully I might get some time today to complete the other two.

I still need to decide whether I will do an applique or the kids names on each one... I think a nice applique, a different one for each sack. I think it was a productive night even, if I did start sewing at 9pm lol... the Santa Sack is from Anni Downs 'A Christmas Story' book.

Friday 7 December 2012

Santa send me some time!!

Not much sewing here the last two days, been busy Christmas Shopping and organising beds; last night I had seven kids and tonight another arrives tonight...yay eight kids for the weekend ( I must be crazy)....So Ive told DH hes on kid duty tonight as IM heading to the sewing room for Cherylls Friday night with Friends, see you tonight...maybe with a wine in hand lol
Sign ups are over on Cheryll's Blog

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Almost there....

Only one more panel left to go... I am in town tomorrow; so it will have to be Thursday... sooo close now...
The angels are soo cute...

Each with their own personality.....

This angel has to be me ... "I love to Quilt".....but no grey hair as yet!....

I have the fabric for the border and binding...but no backing fabric... I will have to decide quickly what I want for the backing...a quick stop at "The Home Patch" tomorrow I think....

Sunday 2 December 2012

A great day

Another productive day...with the hot weather the kids are in the pool for a few hours each day...yay machine sewing time... lucky for me, our kitchen overlooks the inground pool.
Panel two completed....
Say hello to Sophie...shes a cutie with her butterflies chasing her toes...

Its time for tea, thank you Millie I'll have a green tea please....

and a cute birdie in the treetops....

Its been lovely this weekend being able to say hello to my sewing machine... I think Ill take her to Khrissy's tomorrow for our sewing day.....
Happy Stitching.


Saturday 1 December 2012

Angel story..


I am feeling quite productive the last few days. I finished off a panel of Anni Downs 'An Angels story' this morning.

There are 250 2.5" squares to frame the blocks arghhh...a little each day and I will be finished in no time!!!
The blocks are soo gorgeous, Ive been meaning to make this quilt for 10 years now....
The Ruby fabrics are lovely but not the colours I normally use, although Miss 4 and Miss 5 are quite excited...

Who doesnt love a great Anni Downs design.....

Friday 30 November 2012

Back to Pies n Tarts

I love that I have no sewing committments now and I can concentrate on a few ( LOTS) of UFOs. Last night I stitched away on my Pies n Tarts.  This will be a huge quilt...

For the next three weeks I lose my Fridays in town as Im helping the teachers transport the kids to their weekly after school PCYC session. This means I will have 5 hours kids free today. I plan to do some machine sewing, and hopefully make a design wall. Woohoo me time!!

Thursday 29 November 2012

Lancaster Update

Ive been a little busy trying to keep up to date with some other ladies who are doing the Lancaster BOM. Im behind them but not too far lol

Im halfway through my diamond borders but I am using EPP rather than hand sewing to ensure I get perfect points lol...I picked up my Pies n Tarts BOM last night...Im halfway through attaching the pies to their backgrounds...ohh sooo much to do, SEW little time....but I wouldnt have it any other way!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

On its way!

 I posted my SSCS swap parcel today ( I know I know two working days late!!!)...its on a longgg trip to the other side of the world...cant wait to see the results of everyones secret sewing!!! A big thank you to Chookyblue for organising the swap.

Talking about presents I forgot to show you the lovely gift I received from Fiona (Dragonfly Crafts) on Saturday at our of our Bathurst Blogger Meet. Our swap was titled "Make, Bake or Fake it". Lol love this title.

Thank you Fiona for the calender,diary and fat quarter... this will help me to keep control of all my swapsfor next year!


Saturday 24 November 2012

Bathurst Bloggers Meet Nov 2012

Our second Country Bloggers Meet was today and I had the most fabulous time catching up with such a wonderful group of ladies!!! We met at Anni Downs store " The Home Patch" Bathurst, then onto a lovely cafe Chai Wallah for lunch, afternoon tea and stitching.

The lovely ladies with their purchases
left to right ( Sandy, Suzee, Dale, Kate, Peg, Khrissy, Deb (me), Fiona and Janice)
Waiting for the rest of the girls final purchases ...
 ( Dale, Peg" Happy in Stitching", Fiona "Dragonfly Crafts' and  Khrissy "BaiSinNoLil")
Deb (me) , Kate "Show and Tell" and Sandy "Sandys Patchwork Angel"

Thank you Chookyblue for organising yet again a fantastic day!!! Ladies travelled from Cobar, Orange, Campbelltown, Narromine, Conamble, Muswellbrook, OConnell,  Dubbo,  Mudgee, and Bathurst. I cant wait to catch up with all of you again, hopefully at Nundle GDITC in March 2013.

Friday 23 November 2012

One more sleep...


One more sleep till the Country Bloggers Meet, arranged by the gorgeous Chookyblue.
We are meeting tomorrow at Anni Downs' The Home Patch store in Bathurst, then a lovely lunch, and 'sew in' at a local restaurant/cafe...cant wait to catch up with everyone again....
On the sewing scene Ive put the final touches to my secret sewing...there is soo much lol

And tending to my flourishing vegie garden....

See you tomorrow girls!!

Saturday 17 November 2012

Friday Night Sew In...

I finished the my main secret sewing pressie last night at Friday Night Sew In...

Im about to do my chores, feed animals etc, then hopefully pull out my sewing machine and sew all afternoon....Im planning to have the kidlets well fed and watered to lessen the chances of interruptions lol

Friday 16 November 2012

More fabric for the stash...

I got a total surprise tonight when I got home from town; another parcel....the balance of my impulse purchase...didnt realise I bought SOO much...these are the French General Chateau Rouge and some Bella Solids to match yesterdays Metropolitan Fair....I received the invoice with this one....lucky DH is away lol....

I have been sewing lots but cant show anything as its all Christmas Secret Sewing.....hoping to finish all the secret sewing tonight then its back to my UFOs...

I will be at Friday Night Sew-In tonight, hope to see you there!

Thursday 15 November 2012

Hello Mr Mailman

This was the last of my impulse purchases the other week....

Lots of assorted French General and Metropolian Fair fabrics.... some for my stash and others for a new swap for next year...nothing like being prepared lol....Now Im off for a few hours machine sewing, the animals are fed, vegie garden watered, washing folded, put away and my bed linen is washed and on the line.....Funny Im soo organised when DH is right now is me time :)

Monday 12 November 2012

A Christmas Story update...

Miss Khrissy is back from holidays and you all know what that means YES sewing tomorrow, should be today but I wont complain lol.......These are the blocks I worked on whilst she has lazily been on holidays for the last two weeks!!!

Only one and a half blocks left to needleturn then I can put this quilt together. DH is going for 5+ days to the Central Coast to see his family so we all know what that means!!!! Party Time!!! Kidding lol, it means in the sewing room every night once the kidlets are in bed so I can try and finish all my UFOs before Chrissy... Haven't even thought about Xmas shopping yet!!!

Saturday 10 November 2012

Secret Sewing is paramount....

As I am still secret sewing, I thought Id show you some impulse purchases this week...I have been naughty with TWO trips to Annis 'The Home Patch'. In my defense I did need some thread lol

I bought two Natalie Bird Stitcheries and Rosalies Xmas wreath and some frames from Patchwork Plus.   A new chrissy baubles pattern, wooden spools, thread, ric rac and a small fat quarter bundle from Annis store. Im waiting on order from Red Raspberry Quilts and The FQ Shop.  I think I have gone overboard the last week or happens doesnt it???  lol... guess its back to my secret stitching!

Wednesday 7 November 2012

More new additions

Introducing "Cruella" and "Deville", our new little girl piglets. We picked up our new piglets last night and "Schnitzel von Crumb" is being very maternal for a male pig...."Cruella" is the one with the pink jacket... out of the mouths of babes lol

They are  very entertaining to watch! Unfortunately they we wont have any piglets from these two for about 12 months...then let the excitement begin....Ive over planted vegetables the last few weeks so they have lots of fresh vegies to eat....