Saturday 17 December 2011

Chookyblues Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Its arrived!!!!! Last day before I go on holidays!!! Was sooo worried it wouldnt arrived before we left. What a wonderful surprise!!! You can tell Im excited. This was my first Christmas Swap and Ill definately be in it again next year. Here's my gorgeous christmas decoration I received. The picture doesnt show the intricate stitching. I would like to thank my secret partner for her beautiful work. Also with my pressies I also received a lovely drawstring bag with truffles.

I have to be very strong!!! As waiting has never been my forte. Ill show everyone what I received when I open the pressies and card christmas morning!!! Check out Chookyblues site for pics of all the decorations received so far and the final presents from the swap after chrissy. I will post mine Christmas Day on my blog, so I can thank my wonderful swap partner!!!!

Merry Christmas
Deb xo


  1. What a gorgeous ornament...........glad your parcel arrived in time for you to go away..........enjoy "OPENING YOUR PRESENT ON CHRISTMAS DAY" no peeking or anything else before then.........stay strong.........and yes I will post lots of pics after christmas

  2. Love the ornament you received, it is gorgeous...