Saturday 17 December 2011

Harry Potter

Last weekend my daughter took me out for my belated birthday pressie. We had yum cha in Chinatown, Sydney; then to the Powerhouse Museum for the Harry Potter Exhibition....

The only thing I was disappointed with was 'no photographs' rule. I took this one when we were lining was huge!! It is a must see for all the die hard Harry Potters fans like myself and my daughter Taz. We made the mandrakes scream, sat in Hagrids chair, patted Buckbeak. We saw Dobey and Kreacher close up, the dementors, some lucky kids met the sorting hat who sorted them into the various houses of hogwarts. We hurried by the foggy station where the Hogwarts express was waiting to leave. We chose the audio tour and listened to the costume designer give her reasons for choosing the fabrics and colours for each character,or the producer and the reasoning why Scotland was first choice for Hogwarts. Even Mr Weasleys flying car was there ...

I had a great day and left the exhibition with a few of Bertie Botts Every Flavour beans, which made a good laugh. Flavours included rotten eggs, earthworm, boogers, earwax and vomit ( no vomits in our packet) ...we tasted them all and the rotten eggs flavoured beans made my daughter almost hurl lol.... There were some nice flavoured beans too blueberry, tutti frutti etc...I also picked up a chocolate frog with a wizard wizard was dumbledore ... And  a film cell; a bookmark too ....

Ahhhhh to spend the afternoon in the imagination of another, thank you JK Rowling.......

Chookyblues Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Its arrived!!!!! Last day before I go on holidays!!! Was sooo worried it wouldnt arrived before we left. What a wonderful surprise!!! You can tell Im excited. This was my first Christmas Swap and Ill definately be in it again next year. Here's my gorgeous christmas decoration I received. The picture doesnt show the intricate stitching. I would like to thank my secret partner for her beautiful work. Also with my pressies I also received a lovely drawstring bag with truffles.

I have to be very strong!!! As waiting has never been my forte. Ill show everyone what I received when I open the pressies and card christmas morning!!! Check out Chookyblues site for pics of all the decorations received so far and the final presents from the swap after chrissy. I will post mine Christmas Day on my blog, so I can thank my wonderful swap partner!!!!

Merry Christmas
Deb xo

Thursday 8 December 2011

Im soo lucky...

In the last three issues of "Creating Country Threads" Ive made the front cover!! Tis an exciting experience to see your projects in a major magazine.

This issue is my folk art bag 'Bye Bye Birdie'. I have a few others drafted in the pile of things to completed.... I have a few more projects scheduled for the magazine next year as well yay!

My main priority is to complete the new patterns for release late Jan/ early Feb. With only one toddler at home in the day time, my focus will be on trying to get to the Darling Harbour Quilt Fair in June...fingers crossed!!!

Make it Perfect

Dont you just love Toni Cowards kids patterns. I was the lucky winner of her two latest patterns...Soo excited...cant wait to make the sunhats for the kids....thank you Toni for the giveaway!!!!

Here is a book I just had to buy " Bag Making Bible". I have seen it on a few blogs and must admit theres is always room for improvement when making bags. Tis a must have for bag making, gives lots of technical info.. I bought it from the 'Book Depository'. I love this site as there is NO POSTAGE COSTS. I have found heaps of quilting books at really good prices.

Ive also given you all a peek at what Ive been working on this last week. Christmas sewing will resume as soon as I finish the first block of a new design for Frog Cottage to be released January ... love the colours..choo choo!!!!!!

back to sewing
Deb :)

Friday 2 December 2011

Celebrate the Season

Its that time of year!!! Time to 'Celebrate the Season' and I AM!!!!

This quilt has been in the works for almost two years....very sad!!! as soon as I pieced it together this morning, my DS helped me take some pics. Now its just needs its inner and outer borders (after lunch) and thirteen random placed stars... I am even thinking of sending this quilt off to the quilters to be basted and quilted to ENSURE its finished for Christmas...

A lot of my close friends will be cheering on this one. Especially Shelley who did all the buttonhole stitching to help it move along....We agreed to share the quilt. One year it will hang in her house and my house the alternate year.. Better get back to it ...wish me luck!!!! I can almost cross another quilt of my UFOs...

Thursday 1 December 2011

Back to my addiction

Yay finally back to my hexagons...ohh how I have missed you!!!!I am on my last row...but may add more as I would love a big quilt, shall see how it looks when the last row is on

Heres the last row, section two almost finished...have to do some housework today but when the cherubs go down for their afternoon out fingers its sewing time!!!

Cant wait for this quilt to be finished, as I have a huge pile of reproduction fabrics waiting for another paper pieced quilt. Khrissy and I will be attending Kerry Swains 'Girls Day Out' in Nundle, March 2012. Guest tutor is Sue Daley!!!! EXCITED!!!! Might have to wait till then to start a new quilt.......hmmmm.......